Super Protocol Testnet Debut Opens the Door to a Decentralized Confidential Computing Marketplace

Super Protocol Testnet Debut Opens the Door to a Decentralized Confidential Computing Marketplace

Super Protocol, a Web3 private computing provider that uses Intel® SGX technology has announced the creation of a whitelist for projects and providers interested in participating in its testnet launch (planned for the second half of June).

It’s easy to lose out on actual improvements in blockchain infrastructure, even those that are designed to bring huge innovations to the Web3 cosmos, such as Super Protocol, when news about NFTs and quickly expanding cryptocurrency attacks is at the forefront. The Super Protocol team has established the basic foundation for deploying a test network in less than a year and now invites Web3 developers to introduce real decentralization to their apps.

Super Protocol overcomes a critical problem: without total data confidentiality, while it is being processed, decentralized cloud computing is useless. Super Protocol establishes a marketplace where clients seeking trustless decentralized computing resources can meet hardware providers (who use Intel® SGX to create a trusted execution environment). Training a proprietary machine-learning algorithm, for example.

SP is able to provide secure computing to millions of users and a variety of projects thanks to its ability to run on both Ethereum and Polygon.
With their cloud computing goods and services, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud earn tens of billions of dollars. With so many businesses and individuals using Web3, there is a huge market demand for computing to be moved away from centralized suppliers.

Michael Blank, Chief Operating Officer at Polygon Studios said: “Super Protocol’s vision of a global, decentralized computing network aligns perfectly with Polygon’s aims of applying innovative Web3 technologies in a trustless manner. It is the very type of service that blockchain was created to deliver, and by building on Polygon Super Protocol’s goals of lowering the cost of cloud computing while preventing data leaks can easily be achieved.”


Polygon, a popular layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, provides a low-cost and long-term foundation for Web3 applications and infrastructure while allowing developers to benefit from the Ethereum mainchain’s decentralization and security.

Polygon Studios has backed Super Protocol with a portfolio of services aimed at promoting development and community growth, spanning from technical solutions to industry resources and branding.

“A large majority of the cloud computing market is controlled by very few companies. That means users are constrained by the terms and policies of those companies; changes in service supplier requirements can seriously affect their customers’ operations. In addition, customers are dependent on the security provisions these services provide—and when those provisions have fallen short, critical data leaks have occurred. Super Protocol combines the benefits of TEE technology and blockchain to provide a universal, decentralized protocol for distributed confidential computing. Now organizations have a broad array of options beyond choices offered by the large cloud service providers.” – states Super Protocol solutions brief released by Intel®.

Super Protocol’s founder and CEO, Nukri Basharuli, is one of the pioneers of confidential computing technology, having previously founded a successful company that provided confidential computing to Web2 clients.

“The future of the internet is clearly Web3. We have been working with confidential computing for years. Now the time is right to apply this experience to decentralize cloud computing. The market is ready for it and there is demand” – says Basharuli.

Nukri Basharuli, Super Protocol’s creator and CEO, is a pioneer in the field of private computing, having built a successful company that supplied confidential computing to Web2 clients.

Super Protocol

Super Protocol is a universal decentralized cloud computing platform that integrates blockchain with the most modern confidential computing technologies on the market. As a result, Super Protocol provides a Web3 alternative to standard cloud service providers and allows anybody to participate in the creation of revolutionary Internet technologies in the future.

Super Protocol takes advantage of Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX), which provides industry-leading security. Intel® SGX is a set of security features included in Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors 3rd generation. Intel® SGX is a trusted computation platform that allows developers to divide code into hardened enclaves. It is built on the notion of application and data separation. Other apps, the operating system or hypervisor, and even rogue personnel with credential-protected access cannot see data processed inside an enclave.

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