Sun West CEO Joins ‘Game On’ Event, Morgan Sees Induction Into the Mortgage Hall of Fame

Sun West CEO Joins 'Game On' Event, Morgan Sees Induction Into the Mortgage Hall of Fame

Morgan a newly-induced mortgage technology product developed by Mortgage giant Sun West has been inducted into the Mortgage Hall of Fame as CEO Pavan Agarwal becomes part of the leadership coaching event ‘Game On’.

Morgan Joins Mortgage Hall of Fame

Sun West Mortgage company is known for its dedication to offering stellar service to its customers. In its effort to enable customers to get into the home of their dreams as soon and conveniently as possible, the company has recently developed an empathetic technology mortgage product, Morgan.

Morgan is a blockchain-integrated mortgage product that seeks to achieve unbiased and fair lending and greater equality in the house buying experience. 

The event scheduled for June 25th saw Football and baseball Hall of Fame icons Terrell ‘TO’ Owens and Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez inducting Morgan into the Mortgage Hall of Fame at Resorts World, Las Vegas. Sun West Ambassador Pudge Rodriguez officially welcomed it into the Mortgage Hall of Fame. 

At the event, it was revealed that Morgan would eliminate the stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and overall risk of the home buying process while broadening and equalizing access to those from more modest income and credit backgrounds. Moreso, Mr. Agarwal being a part of the leadership coaching event ‘Game On’ was given the opportunity to showcase Morgan and how it seeks to make the dream of home ownership a reality for many more people.


Agarwal expressed his delights over the event while acknowledging the hosts’ commitment to their stellar careers saying, “I am thrilled to be welcomed by such inspiring sports icons and leaders like TO Owens and Pudge Rodriguez and to have Morgan inducted into the Hall of Fame. Their inspiring words and coaching in both the world of business and in everyday life are testament to their stellar careers in Football and Baseball, and their commitment to improving the lives of others is a positive testament to their characters.”

Speaking on Sun West’s mission with respect to the development of Morgan, he said, “Borrowers in underserved communities deserve the opportunity to apply for a mortgage and to present their offers to sellers with the same confidence and dignity as buyers in high-income brackets. At Sun West Mortgage Company, we pride ourselves on ‘The Home of Fair Lending’ and are continually looking to deliver this level of service equally across borrower demographics and profiles. As a firm, we will continue to invest in the creation of transformative technology that will make low-cost financing more accessible and equal than ever before.”