Stratis Launches First Feeless NFT Platform – Stratisphere

Stratis Launches First Feeless NFT Platform - Stratisphere

Stratis, a decentralized layer one blockchain platform, is elated to announce the launch of the first feeless NFT platform, Stratisphere.

According to the announcement, the NFT platform went live on January 18, giving users and enterprises a platform to launch or trade their NFTs. The Stratisphere is the first feeless NFT platform allowing users to engage in NFT activities on reliable and accessible blockchains such as Stratis. Being feeless will allow numerous players, including Red Ego, a British indie development company, and over 20 other projects, to engage in the growing NFT market. These projects will no longer have to incur additional charges associated with the current NFT platforms, such as a 2.5% fee by OpenSea and a 2% fee by LooksRare.

Commenting on the NFT platform, Chris Trew, CEO at Stratis, stated: 

“The world is waking up to the potential of NFTs to transform creative industries. We believe creators and users need greater choice when it comes to underlying blockchains and ecosystems. Stratis offers them proven security, improved scalability, and now a feeless NFT platform. We originally built Stratisphere to respond to demand from the blockchain gaming community, but we’ve also got some incredible drops from well-known artists and musicians in the works.”

Stratisphere is notably integrated with the new non-custodial NFT wallet, Stratisphere wallet, available on desktop versions. Note the direct integration will reportedly help users visualize and better manage their extensive NFT collections. In addition, the wallet makes it easier for users to make transactions securing Stratis NFTs and Cirrus tokens.


The Stratis platform is a highly decentralized blockchain development platform created to allow developers to develop blockchain solutions. The platform provides a feature-rich ecosystem with tooling and Software-Development-Kits that lower the barriers to entry for new developers who are still finding their way into the blockchain space. The platform can be characterized as decentralized, highly secure, and energy-efficient, presenting the ideal platform to deploy blockchain projects. 

However, the Stratis ecosystem does not solely focus on developers but is accommodating to the industry’s various stakeholders. Stratis has created the Stratis Academy smart contracts in C#, Matsernodes. Stratis decentralized accelerator and the recent NFT platform.