STEED Debuts Token Sale on the P2PB2B Exchange

STEED Debuts Token Sale on the P2PB2B Exchange

On the P2PB2B exchange, the STEED token sale has already begun.

Until August 7th, tokens can be bought and membership in the project’s community. The P2PB2B exchange will list the tokens after the token sale. Here is a summary of the project in the interim.

What exactly is STEED?

The platform’s native token, $STEED, is used for transactions, governance, and incentives. It is a deflationary and mint-featured ERC-20 token. A specific portion of the token is taken out of circulation to cause deflation to raise the value of the token burn strategy.

What makes STEED unique?

It all depends on the features and whether users are drawn to the liquidity of their protocol. In essence, $STEED serves as a key to access features. The following are some advantages and uses:

  • Members of the platform who have $STEED tokens will have access to all stable token products. It comprises horseback riding competitions, exhibits, product purchases, etc.;
  • It lets platform users and community members transact;
  • $STEED token holders can participate in platform governance;
  • Rewards and incentives;
  • Horse farms and breeding stables in the $STEED metaverse;
  • Buying horses and stable stuff with NFT;
  • Riding games.

The development team behind $STEED considered several features to ensure that holders, users, and community members benefited to the fullest extent possible. The main traits of $STEED are:

  • NFT Exchange: NFTs of horses and stable items can be found, collected, and traded on the $STEED NFT marketplace;
  • Metaverse for STEEDtv: In a metaverse, members and users can purchase NFT horse farms and breeding stables, after which they can raise and breed their virtual horses there. Additionally, owners can earn rent by renting or leasing their equine farms and breeding facilities;
  • $STEED holders will have the opportunity to ride horses that are listed on the NFT Marketplace and, to fully enjoy it, will become characters in the race;
  • Worldwide Horse Stations: As part of our long-term future projects, $STEED aims to establish horse stations worldwide. Holders will be able to ride horses at actual horse racing events that will take place in various locations. Several companies, including Ride4far, will manage the stations.

Join the $STEED token sale right away to get involved.