State Of The Art Auditing Procedure By Solidproof Set To Revolutionize The DeFi Industry

State Of The Art Auditing Procedure By Solidproof Set To Revolutionize The DeFi Industry

Solidproof, a German-based DeFi auditing firm, is set to revolutionize the blockchain and crypto industry by providing both manual and autonomous auditing services. Notably, Solidproof has specialized in auditing smart contracts and is capable of pinpointing any vulnerability of a system. Moreover, security and trust are the key aspects for any decentralized financial ecosystem to succeed.

Solidproof has employed experienced developers and ethical hackers to test customers’ DeFi source code. By providing reliable reports, Solidproof saves both investors’ and firms’ resources and possible attacks by black hat hackers.

Furthermore, the DeFi industry has been affected by attackers in the past year, with some like Poly Network losing close to $1 billion in digital assets. Although some cash has been recovered through coordinated investigations by relevant parties, the issues could be prevented entirely, to begin with. Therefore, a reliable auditing firm is essential for the DeFi ecosystem to grow to the next level.

There are several auditing firms in the market, Solidproof intends to bring in a new era of auto testing. Moreover, the firm promises to take up approximately a week for the auditing process.

According to the firm, the auditing process begins with communication, whereby DeFi owners can request a custom quotation. Each project is entitled to its custom quotation due to the level of auditing parameters involved.


The second step in the auditing process as outlined by Solidproof is the reviewing of the source code. By combining both manual and automatic testing to check for any vulnerabilities. It is after the review process that the firm prepares a detailed audit report for the client to use.

Notably, not only does the firm provide its clients with an audit report, but also suggestions for the fixes. The firm advocates for collaboration between its professionals and the client to ensure that the vulnerabilities are closed.

To ensure everything is airtight, the firm conducts another audit. It is after completing the second audit that Solidproof offers its clients a certificate and an audit report in the form of a pdf. Additionally, the company gives its clients marketing materials to be used to convince investors.

In a bid to ensure a seamless process, the company has partnered with Unicrypt and Pathfund.

“Aside from the auditing, Solidproof will be providing the projects with KYC scanning services. They can look into your project’s team to ensure it does not risk money laundering. All in all, crypto developers should consider using this platform for auditing,” the firm noted in a press release.