Squirreling Squirrels To Support The Environment With Its Upcoming NFT Platform

Squirreling Squirrels To Support The Environment With Its Upcoming NFT Platform

Squirreling Squirrels, a community-based NFT project, is creating a platform for cryptocurrency users to grow while supporting the planet.

Squirreling Squirrels is an NFT collection riding the Metaverse wave to provide a place where its community will thrive using blockchain technology. The Squirreling squirrel’s ecosystem will comprise a metaverse park, P2E game and tokens, and a tree planting community. The platform is being launched with beautiful hand-drawn NFTs, including over 200 unique traits ready to squirrel on the Metaverse. The traits can be found in different forms such as robots, diamonds, gold, and more, creating a collection of 6600 entirely hand-drawn squirrels. There are two species of squirrels’ ice age squirrels which are 1600 in number and current age squirrels 5000 in total.

The Squirreling Squirrels team explains:

“Our goal is to build a long-lasting community of Squirreling Squirrels through creating value and trust. Our team is doxxed, and our main drive is the SS community. All assets fall under the SS community wallet. As an appreciation, our community is being rewarded with many upcoming surprises, giveaways, & airdrops; before, during & after our launch!”

Squirreling Squirrels (SS) wants to change how people view the environment by making the world a better place, tree by tree, squirrel by squirrel. The platform seeks to impact the world by planting trees both virtually and physically. Currently, Squirreling Squirrels has already partnered up with Tree-Nation to plant a million trees in different regions worldwide.


Holding SS’ NFTs will grant holders access to Squirreling Squirrels Park on The Sandbox. The Squirreling Squirrels’ Sandbox serves as an avenue to hold exciting events. Squirreling Squirrels community also enjoys play-to-earn games on the platform.

The platform has a native token, the $ACORN that will be used for in-game purchases, and the SS marketplace. Once fully launched and listed, the token will be swapped on decentralized exchanges.

The Squirreling Squirrels team comprises expert professionals, top at their fields distributed across the globe. The team is reportedly working to create a benevolent and result-oriented environment to further their mission.

Note: the minting launch is still TBA as the team is currently focused on community building.