Spellfire To Revolutionize NFTs Through Its First Tangible NFT Cards

Spellfire To Revolutionize NFTs Through Its First Tangible NFT Cards

As the Non- Fungible tokens (NFTs) market space continues to gain traction, developers are finding ways to stay on top of the game.

Spellfire, a fantasy gaming platform, has announced the first NFT collection that can actually be touched. Following the launch, Spellfire players will now become owners of original Speellfire cards as NFT, allowing them exclusive rights to the items.

The one-of-a-kind collections will reportedly allow owners to become part of the virtual experience while getting the opportunity to see and hold what they paid a small fortune for.

In addition, Spellfire plans to give 90% of all NFT generated profits to card owners allowing them to make the most from their assets. Owners of the NFT cards will earn ETH when other players in the game use the card. Also, owners will be able to earn ETH by upgrading and selling their physical and digital cards to others in the Spellfire ecosystem.  Players can choose to buy from the thousands of unique collectible cards or create their unique cards using special powers.

Some of the Spellfire NFT collections include the Blood Birth- The Mother Hydra, Flaming waters-Necronomicon, Frozen fire-Frozen Treant, Wet deserts-Camilla, and Deadlands- Runemaster.


The NFT cards can be upgraded by participating in battles to make them more powerful and valuable. There are three types of cards in the game. These include Original NFT cards, Not NFT Playing cards, and playing NFT cards. 

Original NFT cards are sorted by rarity and are very limited. The rarest card on the platform is The Legendary NFT card since there is only one created piece. Not NFT Playing cards are not holographic. However, these cards can become NFT by upgrading them past the fourth level. Playing NFTs are copies of the originals NFT that allow original owners to earn ETH.

Notably, to buy the NFTs, buyers will be required to join a private sale wishlist that will take place in the next six days.  

Created over two decades back, the now re-birthed SpellFire platform aims to provide users with a unique magical experience as they join other players to explore unimaginable possibilities with an added advantage of the NFT marketspace.