Special Power Sliver (SPSI): Utility Token Backed By a Formidable Entity

Special Power Sliver (SPSI): Utility Token Backed By a Formidable Entity

Since about five months ago, SPSI has been listed on the LBank exchange. SPSI has increased four times in a single month, from about $0.005 to the current price of about $0.023. The daily chart shows that the price trend is still very healthy, with daily increases in volumes and prices.

Backed by a powerful entity producing quality work

Solo Power System Incorporation, a Korean business, is the company that supports the SPSI token. Manufacturing CIGS solar modules and treating waste sewage sludge are two of Solo Power System Incorporation’s primary businesses. Between October 27 and November 10, Group Chairman Manjae Lee intends to hold a groundbreaking ceremony on property owned by the company in the Boeun-gun Industrial Complex to commemorate the development of the new plant for CIGS production there. When the plant is finished, it will be outfitted with CIGS solar modules, graphene capacitor batteries, and CIGS streetlight manufacturing facilities. The construction period is anticipated to last six months. The estimated total annual sales are 610 billion won.

The best part is the CIGS solar panel

Flexible, thin-film, lightweight, and adaptable CIGS solar panels from SPSI are the best in the business. Its manufacturing process has received patents for features like the world’s only Wire Mesh Interconnect type cell and effective light absorption on overcast days. Due to low manufacturing costs, it is competitive.

Utilizing a thin, flexible substrate makes installation simple. BIPV is simple to install on the roof and wall, and installation costs are low because no supporting structure is needed.

SPSI Token

Users of SP Chain’s service may use Special Power Silver (SPSI) in various ways as payment. Within the SPSI ecosystem, it serves as a key medium for financial transactions like platform fees, non-cash membership benefits, and purchasing and using goods and services.


A total of 3 billion (3,000,000,000) SPSI tokens are available, of which 3% are set aside for private sales, 4% are earmarked for operations, marketing, and the team, 10% are reserved for international and affiliated transactions, and the remaining 83% are reserved for company holdings that will be burned after listing.

Most intangible coins and tokens have decreased by 95% or more during this bear market. SPSI’s price has already increased four times in a month, meanwhile. Coins that hold up well during a bear market typically end up among the top gainers during a bull market. For instance, the Korean project THETA performed admirably during the most recent bear market from 2018 to 2019. In 2020, during the bull market, it saw a gain of 45000%. The best support for the token’s price is always its excellent utility.

Furthermore, SPSI concentrates on a global issue and is predicted to have a successful future. Among all energy sources, solar energy has the least detrimental environmental effects. Home solar energy doesn’t emit harmful pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions, like carbon dioxide, into the air or water supply, unlike fossil fuels like coal and natural gas.

In the near future, the feed plant will be expanded, and an SPSI solar plant will be built. It seeks to play a significant role in promoting this revolutionary renewable energy, and all token holders will receive a portion of its increasing dividend.

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