Space And Time Announces Beta Release Of Its Long Anticipated Data Warehouse

Space And Time Announces Beta Release Of Its Long Anticipated Data Warehouse

Space and Time, the first Web3 hybrid data centre, announced the beta release of its data warehouse and developer suite.

Space and Time is delivering a novel solution, the first verifiable data warehouse that packages a full suite of developer tools. Space and Time will provide this in a decentralized deployment for a simplified building of end-to-end decentralized applications, verifiable AIs, and more innovative smart contracts. The data warehouse will ensure that AI models get proper training on verifiable, accurate, and tamperproof data.

According to the team, the data warehouse comes preloaded with blockchain data decoded and indexed from significant chains. In addition, the data warehouse also includes Kafka streaming and security, pre-built APIs for SQL operations, and Tamperproof Python services. The tamperproof Python makes it easier to transform, extract, and run complex computations or load data.

The platform envisions a data economy where edge functionalities and solutions are longer hindrances. Space and Time’s suite of data services will be provided free to its users. 

Commenting on the release, Nate Holiday, CEO and Co-founder of Space and Time, stated:


“We are thrilled to open the Space and Time data warehouse and suite of data services to developers everywhere. Space and Time is enabling a new era of data verifiability. As smart contracts and AI is increasingly integrated into business processes, Space and Time aims to ensure that they’re connected to and trained on verifiable data and computation.”

Since its launch, Space and Time has aimed to become a decentralized replacement for blockchain indexing services, data warehouses, databases, and API servers. The platform has allowed developers to leverage provable computation against on-chain and off-chain data to power dapps, verifiable AI models, and smart contracts. Space and Time uses a novel zero-knowledge proof called Proof of SQL to power low-latency transactional queries and scalable analytics in a single cluster. Proof of SQL proves that the query and the data are verifiable and tamperproof.

According to the Space and Time team, the data warehouse will be showcased during the 2023 Consensus conference. This will be done in a live demo with Shrapnel, a blockchain-enabled AAA first-person shooter game. The Consensus conference featured a Space and Time Product Day held on Wednesday, April 26, that Hashkey presented. The event will be followed by an open Space and Time Ecosystem Night that Chainlink will present.

The partnership will allow Space and Time to relay real-time information from and to the game’s servers and smart contract.  This is intended to improve the games’ recommendation engines and match, enabling players to understand better what weapons, NFTs, and upgrades they need while playing the game.