Sourceforge Declared Hollaex The 2022 Market Leader In White Label Exchange Software

Sourceforge Declared Hollaex The 2022 Market Leader In White Label Exchange Software

SourceForge, the world’s biggest software and services review and comparison website has honored cryptocurrency exchange technology white-label software provider, HollaEx, with a 2022 Leader Award. This honor is given to the businesses and products that have received the highest number of positive ratings from SourceForge users.

To obtain the Spring 2022 Leader award, each winner was required to acquire sufficient positive user ratings to position the winning product in the top 5 percent of positively reviewed products on SourceForge. This proves that Hollaex provides the highest level of customer satisfaction as it clearly fulfilled the aforementioned criteria.

“We’re happy to announce this year’s remarkable Spring 2022 Leaders,” said SourceForge President, Logan Abbott.

“HollaEx showed that they’re invaluable to the fintech industry as evidenced by their large number of outstanding reviews.”

“At HollaEx, we are excited to accept the SourceForge 2022 Leader Award for Spring. We do our best to provide easy-to-use open-source crypto tools, and we’re happy to see businesses rewarding HollaEx with feedback. We will take this feedback and make the open exchange system even better”. Said Ali Beck.

Ali added, “HollaEx’s white label design is focused on transferring the power of blockchain to the masses through reduced time-to-market. Starting an exchange on your website shouldn’t take months or days… it should only take minutes — that’s HollaEx.”

About HollaEx

HollaEx is a leading provider of blockchain-based exchange technology, infrastructure, price discovery systems, safe exchange server management, currency production, tokenization, and software development.


HollaEx, a market leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency-centric software, is committed to providing simple finance solutions that boost online companies all around the world.

About SourceForge

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