Solve.Care’s native utility token ranked as the most important healthcare token on the market

Solve.Care’s native utility token ranked as the most important healthcare token on the market

Cryptoslate ranks SOLVE ($0.06145), Solve.Care’s native utility token, as the most important healthcare token on the market. That’s no accident. Whatever the prevailing turbulence, Solve.Care has kept a steady course since its inception. A bit of steadiness is much to be desired at the moment. Pandemic induced vertigo has introduced intolerable uncertainty. It has also forcibly brought healthcare to the forefront of our collective consciousness. Once the hobbyhorse of political factionaries, national healthcare is now a shared obsession, all the more so if you happen to find yourself in an emergency room unable to draw breath. When humanity limps clear of the Great Lockdown the lingering question will be “How can we prevent this from ever happening again?”

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Solve.Care is a benefits administration, care coordination and payment platform that addresses both B2B and B2C models of healthcare delivery; its flexibility allows end-users to move with unparalleled fluency between sponsored (B2B, i.e Medicaid, Medicare, the NHS, insurance providers) and self-directed (B2C) benefits and care.

To the extent that the U.S. hemorrhages some 20 billion daily for the nominal sake of healthcare, a great many outfits are vying for predominance. Be that as it may, Solve.Care’s many interoperable Care Networks represent a significant barrier for anyone irregardless of their size. Solve.Care enjoys a considerable head start. A basic lack of appreciation for the singularly intractable nature of the healthcare industry is another serious liability for would-be competitors.

Solve.Care, meanwhile, continues to amass awards as it progresses to its laudable objective, that of making simplified, universal healthcare accessible to all. Confined to 2019 and 2020, the list of accolades runs:

Solve.Care’s advancement is not strictly a matter of measured expansion. It’s gathering momentum. Sound use case demonstrations coupled with availability encourage adoption. There’s no shortage of exchanges offering SOLVE: to date it can be found on Bittrex, Upbit, Kucoin, Bitsdaq,, LiteBit, CoinSpot, CoinTiger, Huobi Korea, and VCC. If we’re lucky, we’ll come out of the shadow of Covid-19 into a glorious, sunlit meadow in the form of a global healthcare ecosystem whirring on the blockchain.


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