Solana Phone Release Date Closing In. Why Avorak AI Could Be a Perfect Built-in Assistant

Avorak AI is a new project, developed by computer engineers with solid tech and software development backgrounds at the start of its ICO phase.

With the highly-anticipated release of the Solana phone, a 6.67” screen smartphone with web3 integrations explicitly targeted at the crypto community, the lack of an exact shipping date is getting people antsy.

What is the Solana phone?

The Solana phone, Saga, is a flagship phone developed in conjunction with Solana. The Solana phone features a 6.67” FHD+ 120Hz AMOLED screen, ceramic and titanium materials, a triple camera set-up with 50-megapixel or ultrawide options, and Android 13 looking to become a market-leading device for those dedicated to the web3 infrastructure.

When is the Solana Phone Shipping?

The Solana phone has been slated for shipping in early 2023; however, with no new news being released and the first quarter of 2023 already well underway, questions are being asked about whether they are on track for release.

What is Avorak AI?

Avorak AI is a new project, developed by computer engineers with solid tech and software development backgrounds at the start of its ICO phase. The whitepaper states that it will be a multifunction machine-learning program with uses continuing to expand as development is ongoing. The initial focus is on image and text generation, trading features, and automated account management, such as shopping and check-out systems. The roadmap already states they will be looking to integrate into devices by 2025.

Saga feat. Avorak?

Most tech brands are focusing on having their own ‘AI assistant.’ You may already be used to asking ‘Siri’ or ‘Alexa’ to help you with various things, such as organizing your days, buying products on Amazon, or finding out the weather in Peru. Having a blockchain-friendly assistant product would certainly be on-brand for Solana and the Saga phone and would stand out from the rest of the market even more.

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When Is Avorak Launching?

Avorak AI is starting its ICO in March and is looking set to sell out. Their price structure shows a potential to raise around $5 Million, with the majority of the tokens being released to the public and only the founders acting as the VCs (which would normally dictate a much fairer tokenomics and smoother growth projection.)

With a staking period being set up and early use cases established before the release of the product in early 2024, there’s plenty for investors to get excited about with the AVRK token.

How Can I Buy AVRK or Saga Phone?

Saga is taking pre-orders for the device on their website and currently only requires a $100 deposit to reserve.

AVRK tokens are beginning their presale and are available through their website, with the ability to purchase using several different cryptos. The phases run with a gradually increasing price and reduced bonus, so those who buy in the earlier phases will be able to get the lowest price on the board, although space in each phase is limited.

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