Snowfall Protocol (SNW) Celebrates Presale Success as DOT Dominates Web3 with Over 43 Million Social Reach, and ATOM Gets Hit by the FTX Hammer

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) Celebrates Presale Success as DOT Dominates Web3 with Over 43 Million Social Reach and ATOM Gets Hit by the FTX Hammer

The world of cryptocurrency is volatile, with the prices of different tokens constantly fluctuating and new projects emerging all the time. In recent weeks, a few key developments have caught the crypto community’s attention, including the rise of Polkadot (DOT) as a dominant player in the world of Web3 and the struggles faced by Cosmos (ATOM) after being hit by the FTX hammer.

However, amidst all this turmoil, one project has managed to rise above the fray and celebrate presale success: Snowfall Protocol (SNW). This article will look closely at these developments and explore what makes Snowfall Protocol (SNW) such a promising project.

Concerns as Polkadot (DOT) struggles despite a strong social presence

Polkadot (DOT) is a decentralized, scalable blockchain that aims to develop IT infrastructure for a decentralized web. Polkadot (DOT) has certainly made a big impact in the world of Web3, with a social reach that now exceeds 43 million. However, despite this impressive feat,  Polkadot (DOT) has struggled in recent weeks.

According to CoinMarketCap data,  Polkadot (DOT) has dropped nearly 3% in the past seven days and is currently trading at $4.55 with a market capitalization of over $5.1 billion. This decline in the value of  Polkadot (DOT)  is a concern for investors and could potentially be a sign of trouble ahead for the project.

Turbulent times for Cosmos (ATOM) as market value fluctuates following the FTX bailout

The past few days have been turbulent for Cosmos (ATOM), to say the least. The network has experienced significant changes as it fights for survival after the recent Binance bailout of its crypto exchange rival FTX. This event has caused the market value of Cosmos (ATOM) to fluctuate dramatically, and many bulls have chosen to withdraw their holdings in fear of capital losses. To make matters worse, Cosmos’ (ATOM) market price has lost its grip on the demand level of $13, with the coin’s price currently trading at a low rate below $10. This is a concerning development for Cosmos (ATOM) and its investors. According to market analysts, the cryptocurrency could experience another blowout if the effects of the FTX decline are not addressed appropriately. Cosmos (ATOM) is facing some significant challenges. Thus, it will be interesting to see how Cosmos (ATOM) responds and recovers in the coming days and weeks.

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Snowfall Protocol (SNW) thrives with a 400% price rise and an innovative dApp prototype

While Polkadot (DOT) and Cosmos (ATOM) struggled, Snowfall Protocol (SNW) has managed to thrive, with its 2nd presale phase selling out a day earlier and the 3rd presale phase almost sold out. The token has seen an impressive 400% price rise and has sold over 195 million tokens to date. The number of buyers for Snowfall Protocol (SNW) is also steadily increasing, with holders impressed by the project’s growth trajectory.

One key factor that sets Snowfall Protocol (SNW) apart is its innovative dApp prototype, which is compatible with both non-EVM and EVM chains. It offers advanced solutions such as cross-chain asset swaps (fungible and non-fungible). This futuristic approach to enabling cross-chain transfers has made Snowfall Protocol (SNW) one of the hottest crypto projects in the market.


While Polkadot (DOT) and Cosmos (ATOM) have had their challenges and losses, Snowfall Protocol (SNW) has been enjoying its presale success. Its novel dApp prototype and advanced solutions have made it a standout initiative in the industry, with holders excited by its growth trajectory and potential for up to 5000% gains for early adopters. If you want to get in on the action, try accumulating Snowfall Protocol (SNW) tokens during a presale before the opportunity passes.





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