Skycoin Skywire Mainnet Developer Version Now Live

Skycoin Skywire Mainnet Developer Version Now Live

Skycoin has launched the developer version of its Skywire blockchain to enable developers to download, install, build and run the Skywire Mainnet in command line environment and complete developer documentation will be released shortly.

The Skycoin team have been working on Skywire since 2011. They married three different projects that are focused on improving on the shortcomings of Bitcoin.

The team identified numerous philosophical design problems that could pose obstacles to the global adoption of cryptos as censorship-resistant money.

Skywire is an entirely decentralized internet protocol and mesh network aimed at solving many problems of crypto.

Developers can Now Test the Skywire Mainnet

After nearly one year of intensive testing on a network of almost 10,000 nodes scattered around the world, the Skycoin team has successfully launched the developer version of Skywire’s Mainnet is now available for public testing.


The first version of the Skywire Mainnet comes with completely rewritten software, and it focuses on making it possible for developers to build highly functional distributed apps. All existing applications have been carefully rewritten and optimized for the Mainnet, including a distributed and secure chat app, SSH, and a multi-hop tunneling proxy app.

Accordingly, the first version of the Skywire Mainnet is a significant milestone for the internet ecosystem, as it provides an unstoppable and highly resilient network that is anti-censorship.

In the coming months, Skycoin is looking to release many more iterations of the Skywire platform, as it has already created an updater that will make it possible to push new features into the system.

Skywire Mainnet on Github

Users have been adviced not to install this version on their Skyminers since they are running testnet and will stop receiving rewards. However, the Skywire Mainnet can be installed on other devices to run, test and develop apps.

What’s in the Pipeline

–    A new intuitive user interface for developers and users to easily work with the Mainnet.

–    Bandwidth monetization will be added shortly, to allow users to earn Coin Hours when they share their bandwidth.

–    Coin Hours bank

–    Private Skycoin transactions with CoinJoin

–    Remote management of an unlimited number of nodes

–    And users can also combine the CXO protocol with Skywire for distributed data storage.