Sketchar Starts to Build Web3 Monetization Infrastructure to Support the Decentralized Creator Economy

Sketchar Starts to Build Web3 Monetization Infrastructure to Support the Decentralized Creator Economy

Sketchar, an ecosystem of mobile and web products for creators, is delighted to announce its plans to build a Web3 monetization infrastructure to support creators in an entirely new way.

As per the announcement, Sketchar has chosen to use Web3 because it is primarily built on new layers of technological innovations that will help further their project. In addition, Sketchar believes this transition will be good for its community, allowing them to expand into the NFT markets and other opportunities within the blockchain.

Launched in 2017, Sketchar is now a revolutionary AR drawing app that seeks to help creators succeed in their work while remaining independent. In addition, the platform serves as a tool to grow artistic skills and provide a marketplace for the created art.

The Sketchar team explains:

“We believe a creator should start earning as soon as possible to nurture their passion and creativity… So we build deep tech mobile products that unlock creativity for everyone.”

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Sketchar uses a create-to-earn model that gives creators more autonomy and freedom to monetize their creativity. Sketcher will allow creators to invest and generate income from their skills, knowledge, and time spent on artwork through this model.

Sketchar plans to start with a presale drop for the Martian888 NFT collection created by its community, according to the team. The presale drop for this collection has been set for December 20, 2021. The Martian888 collection comprises pixel art characters created during a three-week contest. There are 1673 unique Martian created by artists using the Sketcher app.

Sketchar has already announced the first winners who have received their prize rewards. The contest has a total prize pool of $35,000 with creators set to receive $40 for each work selected. In addition, Sketchar plans to give creators 50% of future sales made on the Sketchar marketplace in the coming days following the content. 

Following the presale, 5% of the first and 1% of the secondary sales will go to the Creators Fund. The Creator Fund seeks to provide a community of creators with any additional resources to grow their works. 

Sketchar has already made many milestones since its launch, including being awarded as the ‘Best Use of Augmented Reality 2018’ by Webby Awards – the most prestigious awards for digital products and the internet.

In addition to the presale and Web3 development, Sketchar is also working on launching the Sketchar token that will be structured to fit Sketcher’s DAO needs.