Seeks To Create A Continuous Backing For Its Token To Help With Its Overall Value In The Long Term

176 Seeks To Create A Continuous Backing For Its Token To Help With Its Overall Value In The Long Term

Investing is a risky venture. However, having your money work for you over time can be incredibly gratifying. While we have all heard stories of the eye-watering riches generated from cryptocurrency investments, it is clear that the crypto market has proven to be extremely profitable for many investors in the last decade.

However, cryptocurrency investing is not a “get rich quick” plan. Anyone considering entering this market should know that any cryptocurrency investment risks their money. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile compared to traditional stocks, and investors must be prepared for various situations. Panic selling and FOMO purchasing are not necessarily beneficial in the long run. Given how erratic the crypto market swings may be, looking at the larger picture can help balance events.

As a result, the cryptocurrency market provides long-term investors, both experts, and beginners, with a fantastic opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio. This article review will look into the latest Q4 2021 project,, and what it has to offer potential buyers.

What is

Shortage refers to a safe ERC-20 asset that seeks to increase its value in the long term by providing holders with rewards for holding the token in the long term. The token uses Ethereum as its backing currency and features a total token supply of two billion. More so, it has a simple ecosystem that benefits both expert and novice buyers in the market.

Buyers should note that the token has no team behind it to upgrade, alter, or shut down the RTG smart contract dynamics. This is because the project is said to be complete at launch, meaning there is no need for a team to perform any more functions. Anyone can easily verify this information on to see that the team has transferred 100% liquidity to the dead address as well as control of the smart contract.


When it comes to the marketing of this project, all the power lies in the hands of the RTG holders. Each holder has an opportunity to contribute in their own unique way, based on their talents, resources, and capabilities. This can include but is not limited to promoting the project to family and friends, making videos, blogging, running social media ads, or even paying for marketing initiatives.

Understanding the tokenomics

On December 27, this RTG token became listed on Uniswap V2, the primary exchange platform for buyers to purchase the coin. However, there will be no presale event for this coin since the project intends to focus on liquidity and burn the token during its existence in the industry. The main objective of this project is to decrease token supply and promote its Ethereum backing.

As such, liquidity locking will constitute half of the overall token supply and will be unavailable forever. The remaining 50% of the token supply will be burned to promote token scarcity in the industry. In addition, any token transaction that involves the RTG/ETH pair will be subject to a 10% transaction charge of the total amount. In turn, token holders will receive a 50% share of all the transaction fees, and the remaining amount will go to the burning address.

Token holders will be glad to know that the process of receiving their rewards is completely hassle-free. All they have to do is select a secure crypto wallet suitable for holding the pair, fund it, and acquire their token of choice. However, they have to adjust their slippage to 12% to finalize their orders effectively.

How do holders benefit from this token?

Currently, half of this token’s total supply is in the burn address, a scheme utilized by most existing projects to decrease token supply. This follows the fundamental law of supply and demand, which states that the lower the supply, the higher the demand. Similarly, these projects seek to extract the most value from the same concept by decreasing part of their supply.

In addition, a part of the transaction fee gets burned when an RTG transaction takes place on Uniswap V2. RTG tokens will be exchanged with Ethereum, increasing the Backing of the Shortage token. As a result, the tokens available on the market will always have sufficient ETH backing. In turn, the price floor of the token increases after each RTG token transaction.

Note that a portion of the ETH backing in the pool will not be claimable to maintain a continuous boost after each transaction. The results of this effort will be apparent in the long term, making RTG a safe and secure long-term investment option for its holders.