ShoeFy Debuts Genesis NFT Minting to Provide DeFi Level Utility for NFTs

ShoeFy Debuts Genesis NFT Minting to Provide DeFi Level Utility for NFTs

ShoeFy, a leading Metaverse fashion, and DeFi platform has announced its Genesis NFT Minting to provide NFTs with DeFi-level utility. ShoeFy has demonstrated incredible innovation in the NFT & Fashion business since its beginning last year, delivering P2E, NFT Staking, NFT Farming, and LP Mining pools for NFTs with $SHOE tokens to NFT holders, Fashionistas, Gamers, DeFi users, and Metaverse aficionados.

The platform has made its genesis NFTs available for minting by anyone using $SHOE tokens and $Ethereum, with a special discount for $SHOE token holders.

How ShoeFy Differs From Other NFT Projects?

ShoeFy is a decentralized platform that mixes Non-Fungible Tokens (SNFT or SHOE NFTs) with Fungible Tokens (FT or $SHOE token). It is a future NFT project that makes use of cutting-edge DeFi techniques to enhance revenues by offering farming and staking choices through its sNFT on Ethereum.

ShoeFy NFTs are a set of 10,000 procedurally created collectible sNFTs (or Shoe NFTs) stored on the Ethereum network as ERC721 tokens. Each NFT is individually hand-drawn in the ShoeFy studio. ShoeFy was founded with the goal of setting an example not just for fashionistas, but also for digital NFT collectors, shoe lovers, and gamers looking for a suitable open-world metaverse to interact, mingle, earn, and create.

The original genesis collection will be available on tier 1 Exchange INO launchpads and a few more NFT launchpads soon, assuring a diverse audience for what’s coming next. The remaining 7,000 NFTs mint in the form of layer farming by staking the native SHOE tokens for Genesis holders. Only the Genesis collection of 3,000/10,000 is accessible to mint, for now, distributed among Public sales and INO launchpads. All Genesis owners will be awarded the Racing game Car NFT, which is released with Polygon Studios as the next partner on Polygon for enormous user adoption and affordable gas expenses, as an incentive for the upcoming play-2-earn game.


Utility of NFTs

The use of NFTs is still in its early stages. Most investors are still concerned about the lack of liquidity and usability of NFTs, and there are few options after holding one. ShoeFy is the first to revolutionize the best of both worlds in the virtual metaverse and passive income prospects.

As part of the SHOE token & “GENESIS sNFT” holder, there are exclusive perks post reveal in the form of:

  1. NFT staking and High Yield APY
  2. Free Car NFT from the Play 2 Earn racing game launching this Q2
  3. Early access to ShoeFy NFT Marketplace and INO launches
  4. Participate in Shoeverse Metaverse; Play 2 Earn games and contests helping you earn, rent, and scale in the metaverse.
  5. Be a part of Upcoming TRIBEHOUSE
  6. Create and Publish Games to earn SHOE tokens
  7. ShoeFy NFT staking DeFi portal where you can stake any NFT in your Decentralized wallet and earn HIGH APY for NFTs sitting idle.

ShoeFy aims to empower the world by revealing the actual potential of NFTs and DeFi capabilities that are only available to ShoeFy members. It’s past time for NFTs to be worth more than flipping or holding in Web 3 wallets; staking, utility, and liquidity are all in order. It’ll soon be a reality thanks to ShoeFy.