Shima Capital Leads $6M Seed Round For NFT-Based Metaverse Game MECH.COM

Shima Capital Leads $6M Seed Round For NFT-Based Metaverse Game MECH.COM

Shima Capital is expected to spearhead the closing of’s seed round of funding. Polygon, Big Brain, Anti Fund, Cryptology, Master Ventures, BreederDAO, MetaVest, Andromeda VC, Pulse Ventures, and Gumi Ventures will also participate.

Players can earn the in-game currency ore and, later, the tradeable cryptocurrency $FORGE token in the match-3 game that is currently being developed by, an NFT-based metaverse game. Additionally, they are creating a play-to-earn arena battle game that uses both NFTs and the aforementioned blockchain tokens.

Trey Smith, the creator, and CEO of The was recently spotted speaking on the future of NFT gaming and the significance of highlighting true fun and enjoyment in blockchain games in Austin at the Consensus conference.

The earliest web3 games to hit the market appear to have been created mainly as an experiment to test if people could actually make money playing them, which has led to the failure of numerous enterprises.

Smith and his co-founder Nik Rudenko have a wealth of experience in this field. The two have a third video game studio, called (the other two being Buildbox and KayaBit). Smith bought Bitcoin in 2014 after recognizing the potential of cryptocurrencies. He started preparing for his entry into the web3 of the future.


Kyle Klemmer joined the group as COO in 2021. With his extensive network in blockchain technologies and his established background in marketing, Klemmer attracted important investors and advisors to the table, including HuK, Justin Kan (founder of Twitch), Matthew Morgan, Josh Meier (director of Andromeda Capital), Bradley Townsends (founder of Latitude Services), and Josh Meier (head of esports for the Kraft Group).

Smith credits his team’s concentration on the iterative method with’s instant success. can adapt its strategy based on the response from the community and team by starting small and just getting the games in front of people. The future of, however, has been made apparent by Smith, who declared that “casual gaming wins” after testing several different iterations of the game.

“it’s easy to understand, fun to repeat, and opens the door for more players to join the ecosystem,” he added in further clarification.

The following tasks for include starting their private round of fundraising, introducing a number of new NFTs (the Rebel class), and distributing a beta test version of the game to the project’s early backers. Click here to read more about