ShibaInfinity Holds Eight-Day Presale For Its Native Token SHINU

ShibaInfinity Holds Eight-Day Presale For Its Native Token SHINU

Shiba Infinity, a play-to-earn gaming protocol, is thrilled to announce the presale for its native token SHINU welcoming early investors to the protocol.

As per the announcement, Shiba Infinity’s Winter token private sale is now line. The event has already begun and will run for the next eight days. The minimum buy amount for this sale round is 1 SOL which is equivalent to 4000 SHINU and the maximum amount to buy is 100 SOL, about 400000 SHINU.

Shiba Infinity’s official Twitter account reads:

“Shiba infinity Begins Sale of $Shinu Token to Early Buyers Lets take SHINU Token to the Moon.”

Notably, early birds willing to participate in the event can purchase the SHINU tokens from the Shiba Infinity presale page.

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SHINU tokens by design seek to create a decentralized community-driven DeFi protocol. The tokens have a total supply of 100 million SHINU. The protocol plans to use 20% of these tokens for the presale, 50% for the public sale, 5% for the team, and the remaining 25% to build an ecosystem fund.

Holders will have the power to propose and vote on Shiba Infinity governance proposals, with voting power being calculated in proportion to the amount of token one has in their wallets.

Shiba Infinity aims to provide a great environment that allows users to earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contribution to its ecosystem. The gaming protocol will enable players to collect, raise, participate in battles and build a land-based kingdom.

The protocol has numerous unique features, including player versus play combat, an interconnected open world built with Unreal Engine 5, and an immersive VR experience. Other features include the player versus environment challenges, themes with unique rules and settings, numerous tools for the different categories, and a social and roleplaying environment.

Shiba Infinity also has an NFT marketplace created to give users a trading platform to buy or sell digital assets that can be used in the Shiba Infinity world. Users can sell or buy land, real estate, artifacts, gaming items, portals, and much more through the marketplace.

Shiba Infinity is currently still in its development stage. The team behind the project consists of 35 full-time employees who have the expert skills and experience needed to create the best ecosystem for the community. Shiba Infinity plans to get listed on exchanges, launch NFT mainnet, and launch staking or liquidity mining services in the coming days.  Players should also expect to launch the first version of the Game editor closed test, and the first game (Summoner) closed test, among many more developments.