SEORSEA officially launched, providing users with rich usage scenarios

SEOR Network: The Web 3.0 World's Infrastructure And Trust Framework

SEORSEA—the first NFT protocol developed based on the Low Code Development Platform of SEOR Network, has been officially launched. All the whitelisted mystery boxes and those obtained from participating activities have been airdropped to each user. Additionally, SEORSEA will hold a public beta test for existing functions of the official version, allowing users to make suggestions on the platform’s interaction logic, technical bugs, etc.. This activity will also provide rewards to users who make effective suggestions. 

The first stage of the official version only opens the functions of mystery box purchase and mystery box opening, which is mainly for the functional support of the mystery box activities in the first stage. After the first stage of functional testing, SEORSEA will launch more functions mainly aimed at empowering NFTs. For example, participating in staking pools to stake $SEOR to obtain high-level NFTs, integrating various low-level NFTs obtained by opening mystery boxes to obtain high-level NFTs, etc.

Since the current development of SEORSEA is still in the first stage, many details need to be optimized and adjusted, including the product UI, product interaction logic, user experience, and underlying technical framework. As a product of LCDP, SEORSEA will focus on the security and efficiency of the application layer to carry out a complete design, and the user experiment and interaction logic will be upgraded and optimized. 


In the future, SEORSEA will devote more time developing IP for platform cooperation. Through the unique resource advantages, SEORSEA will cooperate with more well-known IPs to continuously empower the platform. More importantly, SEORSEA will start the development of the Metaverse and combine multiple application scenarios with building the Metaverse around SEORSEA’s NFT, bringing high-value empowerment to users’ NFT and increasing the playability of the SEORSEA platform.

We believe that SEORSEA will bring you more interesting scenarios and more valuable NFTs in the future, so stay tuned!