Secretum: The Much Needed Solution To Today’s Messaging Applications

Secretum Messaging App Leverages On Solana Blockchain Technology, Making It A Possible WhatsApp-Killer

Secretum, the world’s first and only decentralized, encrypted messaging and OTC trading app powered by Solana blockchain, has set itself as the best messaging app promising to revolutionize the industry.

Secretum is the first decentralized, encrypted messaging app that offers users an intuitive, easy, and direct messaging platform. Secretum is built upon a three-layer architecture – Blockchain, application, and nodes.

The application was created in 2020 by a team of crypto experts from Lithuania. The group sought to develop an application that solves the various concerns within existing messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. The application, which is built on the innovative Ethereum and Solana Blockchains, brings multiple advantages to the table.

Unlike traditional messaging applications, Secretum does not collect sensitive personal data like emails, ID numbers, DOBs, or physical addresses. All a user needs to create an account is a crypto wallet address. All data and messages collected are stored on trusted nodes directly on their private Ethereum-based Blockchain network. By avoiding the collection of sensitive data, the platform altogether eliminates the risk of data hacks. Notably, all messaging is exclusively based on verifying wallet addresses via the node network.

Secretum also helps users bypass geographic or political obstacles like jurisdictional and IP access limitations, preventing third parties’ censorship, filtering, or tampering of messages. Users enjoy complete end-to-end encryption ensuring the privacy of data. The platform seeks to protect users from the numerous hacks that have been a common occurrence in various media that have compromised their privacy. 


In addition to the messaging app, Secretum also has a trading application for its users. The application allows traders to trade their crypto assets and tokens through peer-to-peer. This is facilitated through the integrated Escrow Smart Contract (ESC) functionality. The platform will enable users to trade all fungible and non-fungible (NFT) assets as easily as sending a message to a friend. Thanks to the Solana Blockchain, the Solana Blockchain enjoys low gas fees, minimal commissions, and high block speeds. 

The platform also allows users to receive rewards for using the applications, creating content, and paying for additional services through its native token, the SER token. 

Secretum essentially creates a global platform for all crypto wallet owners to come in and communicate with each other while conducting their day-to-day trades.