Seascape & BIGBANG Are Bringing New Gamefi Experience

Seascape & BIGBANG Are Bringing New Gamefi Experience

SINGAPORE Seascape Network, an online gaming platform built around the NFT and DeFi economies joins with prominent Japanese game maker BIGBANG to announce a partnership spanning the creation of several new stylized games that will directly enter into the Seascape ecosystem.

New Partnership 

While this partnership is anticipated to draw in more Japanese gamers to get to know and understand Seascape, bringing new genres to regions outside of Asia Pacific is also a central goal. Arcade-style recreation is one of the areas least explored within play-to-earn circles. NFTs, likewise, have limited appearance within these games, which is another angle that BIGBANG and Seascape will work together to develop. Ramping up NFTs to realize their true potential as financial assets is a fundamental goal of the second phase of Seascape, so this partnership was a match made in Crypto Heaven.  

“We have been focusing on blockchain games and P2E game development for the past year, and are currently developing game logic to adapt a variety of game genres, including MMORPGs, to P2E,” says BIGBANG CEO Atsushi Kitagawa. “We are excited to develop P2E games with Seascape Network.” 

“Seascape is proud and excited to partner with BIGBANG,” says Seascape co-founder and CEO Nicky Li. “We look forward to working together to bring excellent Japanese-style game products and NFT series to gamers worldwide, enriching Seascape’s platform offerings while bringing more play to earn opportunities to fans of Gamefi.”

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Seascape DeFi Games 

Seascape has established itself as one of the modern architects of DeFi gaming, also known as GameFi, by consistently ranking as one of the top brands in DeFi gaming on multiple networks. The deployment of Scapes, their initial series of original NFTs, as actual financial assets has been one of the pillars of their success. In modular, accessible DeFi games, these assets can be staked or burned in exchange for token incentives.


Widely known for such titles as Monque, Sengoku Chronicles, Demon Field, and the highly anticipated MMORPG Sky Frontier, BIGBANG is continuing its mission to bring excellent games to newer, and more exciting audiences. This year marks their initial dive into NFTs and gaming, with a focus on expanding the frontiers of gaming experience internationally.

About Seascape Network

Seascape Network is a gaming platform based around DeFi and NFT economies. By turning the core concepts of DeFi into easy-to-access games, Seascape lowers the bar of complexity linked with DeFi and crypto more generally. With a focus on excellent quality and proper incentives to both players and developers, Seascape is changing the way the world thinks about gaming. Available on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Moonriver chains.

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BIGBANG Inc. is a company primarily engaged in the game and entertainment business, composed of highly experienced members in the game industry. BIGBANG produces and operates a number of applications and browser games, and is also actively involved in NFT games.

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