Seascape And Lighthouse Announce Generation Event For MSCP Token After a Successful IDO

Seascape And Lighthouse Announce Generation Event For MSCP Token After a Successful IDO

The innovation of Moonscape, the inaugural project of Seascape Network, a Web 3.0 based innovative gaming platform, and its signature launchpad Lighthouse comes to a final wrap as the platform announces a successful IDO event for the project.

Moonscape is an exclusive resource management strategy DeFi game based on the Polkadot Smart Contract platform Moonbeam. It features a futuristic moon where players collect gaming assets to build cities and conquer rival cities. The cities built by players can become NFTs which can be traded, bought, or sold on the market.

Following the successful completion of the IDO event, the projects behind Moonscape delightfully unveil the official launch of the project’s native token MSCP, hence it is ready for the first wave of action.

MSCP token is backed up by the official token of Seascape, Crowns (ticket CWS) to provide stability and support, and will be a fundamental part of the Moonscape economy, with important usage in its gameplay.

Per the announcement, the token will be available on Moonriver and Binance Smart Chain at an initial sale price of $0.0025 per MSCP token with the pool being opened on SeaDex, PancakeSwap, and Solarbeam.


Moreso, hodlers will be provided with two attractive staking options. The first option will provide hodlers with a single token staking farm that would last until January 30th, 2022, while issuing out 50,000 CWS in rewards. The second option will provide an even more attractive MSCP-MOVR LP token staking farm that will give users the opportunity to compete for 50 million MSCP in rewards. This would last until 30 May 2022.

Moonscape to Launch Limited Sale of NFTs of Cities

Per the announcement, Moonscape will further launch a limited sale of exclusive NFTs of cities. These NFTs may be used in-game, and can be traded on Seascape’s exclusive NFT Marketplace, Scape Store.

Being limited, only 100 NFTs of cities will be available, 20 of each quality, these NFTs are an important next step in the Moonscape ecosystem. Hodlers of the MSCP token who participate in staking and farms, who also hodl and trade Moonscape NFTs will have the additional opportunity to join Moonscape’s upcoming closed beta, with real reward pools and the chance to help shape the future of Moonscape.

The project is aimed at encouraging the growth of the DeFi gaming industry.