Script Network (SCPT) Gains Traction with Innovative Watch-to-Earn Model Amidst Changing Crypto Landscape

Script Network (SCPT) Gains Traction with Innovative Watch-to-Earn Model Amidst Changing Crypto Landscape

London, May 08, 2023 — Script Network (SCPT) is redefining the cryptocurrency landscape with its innovative watch-to-earn television platform, Script TV. By combining engaging content, gamification, and dual token functionality, Script Network offers a unique experience for users, filmmakers, and content creators alike.

Abiel Alazar, Co-founder of Script Network, shares his vision: “Our goal is to change the way television is viewed for our users while improving the lives of filmmakers and content owners worldwide through more data, faster payments, and more tools. The integration of NFTs and blockchain technology adds an exciting dimension to the viewing experience, driving user engagement and loyalty.”

Script Network is built on a dual token mechanism with SCPT – Script Token for protocol and content governance, advertising, staking, and SPAY – Script Payments for transactions and rewards. The platform features Script TV, a 24/7 streaming platform with multiple channels, a watch-to-earn reward system, and ScriptGLASS NFTs, which are upgradeable and enhance users’ earning potential.

The platform’s gamified reward structure includes daily rewards that can be redeemed for premium content, upgradable NFTs, and more. Users can also complete ecosystem achievements to unlock additional products and earnings on and off-chain.

Script Network aims to create new opportunities for content creators, allowing them to access valuable audience data and interact with viewers through NFTs and other digital assets. The platform also seeks to redefine crypto advertising, offering an accessible solution for projects to promote their offerings within the Script Network ecosystem.


With its fully decentralized video storage solution, Script Network significantly reduces costs for Web2 companies and provides a more efficient infrastructure. The platform also supports lightning and edge nodes, enabling users to secure and scale the Script Network while earning rewards.

The core team behind Script Network includes co-founders Abiel Alazar, an IT specialist with 15 years of experience in the IT and telecom sectors, and Akeem Ojuko, an entrepreneur and investor with over ten years of experience in content, media, and crypto/blockchain technology.

Script Network ensures the platform’s sustainable growth and continued innovation by developing multiple revenue streams. The company’s pioneering approach to blockchain design, advertising protocols, and content interaction layers demonstrates its commitment to providing value and control to users, content creators, and investors alike.

Script Network is capturing attention with its fresh approach and strong community support in an ever-changing crypto landscape. As users explore new opportunities within the cryptocurrency world, platforms like Script Network continue to offer unique, engaging experiences.

About Script Network

Script Network is a groundbreaking watch-to-earn television platform with integrated NFT functionality, offering rewards to users for watching content on its multiple TV channels. The platform seeks to empower the community by providing a variety of web3 video products, innovative engagement opportunities, and support for filmmakers and content creators. As Script Network continues to grow, it aims to make a lasting impact in the cryptocurrency space.

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