SatoshiChain Brings Bitcoin to DeFi, Reveals Mainnet Launch Date and Upcoming Airdrops

SatoshiChain Brings Bitcoin to DeFi, Reveals Mainnet Launch Date and Upcoming Airdrops

The mainnet of SatoshiChain, the blockchain technology that connects Bitcoin to DeFi, will formally launch on June 1st, 2023. As it enables users to fully take advantage of the features and advantages of the blockchain, including decentralized applications and smart contracts, the launch represents a significant milestone for SatoshiChain and its community.

“We are thrilled to announce the official launch date of the SatoshiChain Mainnet,” said Christopher Kuntz, a co-founder of SatoshiChain. “Our team has been working tirelessly on this project for quite some time, intent on bridging the gap between bitcoin and EVM chains in a way that is not only fast and secure but also user-friendly and developer-friendly at the same time.”

With bridged BTC serving as the base layer token for all transactions, gas fees, and smart contracts, SatoshiChain enables quick, secure, and inexpensive transactions while supporting a variety of use cases, such as DeFi, gaming, supply chain management, and more. Users can easily switch from Ethereum-based decentralized applications to the SatoshiChain platform thanks to the Mainnet’s full compatibility with EVM-compatible blockchains. In addition, the platform offers users a variety of tools for creating and deploying their decentralized applications.

To encourage early adopters and Testnet participants, SatoshiChain is launching the Incentivized Testnet prior to the Mainnet launch and airdropping SatoshiChain Governance tokens ($SC). The airdrop is a way to thank the community for its support and involvement in the chain’s development and testing. Users who completed various tasks as part of the airdrop process before the Mainnet launch will be eligible to receive $SC tokens. The SatoshiChain website and social media channels contain the Incentivized Testnet and airdrop information.

The dedication of SatoshiChain to building a decentralized future is demonstrated by its efforts to offer a trustworthy and effective blockchain platform that is open to all users with the aim of multi-chain interoperability. SatoshiChain is moving closer to achieving this objective with the initial Mainnet launch.

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With bridged bitcoin serving as the base layer token, SatoshiChain is a blockchain platform that supports decentralized applications and smart contracts while facilitating quick, safe, and inexpensive transactions. The platform makes it simple for users to move their decentralized applications from other platforms because it is fully compatible with EVM-compatible blockchains. SatoshiChain is committed to creating a decentralized future by providing a reliable and efficient blockchain platform that is accessible to everyone.

Visit the website at to find out more about SatoshiChain and how to participate.