Sapien Network building next-gen social networking ecosystem for DAOs powered by its NFT passport

Sapien Network building next-gen social networking ecosystem for DAOs powered by its NFT passport

Sapien Network is building a next-generation social networking platform for DAOs and community members to fully realize their potential. The project aims to build unique tools and solutions that will revolutionize content organization and communication while tackling scalability difficulties in communities as a decentralized community-driven social network.

Sapien intends to break down control barriers and slow the spread of digital autonomy, which has resulted in a swarm of data brokers hoarding value generated by a trillion-dollar industry. Users have become a commodity as a result of surveillance capitalism, which has weakened autonomy and democracy. Sapien is on a mission to change the narrative by building a decentralized social platform that allows for meaningful interactions, data ownership, and economic empowerment.

The project aims to restore community power by creating the world’s first sovereign digital nation, a Republic of DAOs, powered by Sapien’s handcrafted, personalized, and one-of-a-kind NFT passport, which will connect various communities in a decentralized ecosystem by assisting them in launching DAOs and providing them with a shared economy where everyone can make decisions with one voice, harness value, and thrive.

CMO at Sapien, Hash K says, “The Sapien team is extremely humbled to see how excited the community is for the Sapien Network. Most social media platforms have been censoring posts, limiting privacy, and selling user data and we believe now is the time for a change. Sapien will use the blockchain to bring the power of social media back into the hands of the people. We understand that the true value creator within a social network is the user”.

Unique NFTs to Represent the Metaverse’s Social Ledger of Interactions

The NFT passport will serve as a social archive of interactions among metaverse groups, indicate membership in communities to which a bearer belongs, and retain digital identity without jeopardizing a user’s privacy or security.


When the Founder Sapien NFT Passport is signed, owners will have access to incredible collections of iconic collectibles, including historical figures, as well as early access to the Sapien platform and powerful ecosystem utilities. They will also become founding members of the Sapien nation. Holders can choose an avatar of one of their favorite historical individuals and have their images made into a one-of-a-kind Machine Learning Art piece to commemorate varied histories and come together to build a shared future.

The team has stated that the presale will take place from March 14th to March 22nd, 2022, and will be open only to community members who have been approved through the whitelisting procedure. On March 23rd, there will be a public sale for anyone else who wants to participate in the sale and receive their NFT passport.

Developing Tools to Strengthen Human Relationships

Sapien, which is based on the Ethereum and Polygon Blockchains, is utilizing the power of digital assets to open up new frontiers of collaboration between communities and DAOs. The platform aims to build a truly democratic value economy in which people may connect, communicate, and collaborate for mutual benefit.

The Sapien tribe is the world’s first digitally sovereign nation, with citizenship tied to the Sapien NFT passport. The nation is being built to assist residents in protecting their digital rights while also allowing them to participate actively in collective actions on issues that impact them. The Sapien tribe is on track to become the world’s first full-stack democracy, with citizens using a variety of tools to achieve specific goals and contribute to the Sapien tribe’s overall growth and success.