SandStorm Announces The Launch Of Its Proposal And Bid Platform For Builders

SandStorm Announces The Launch Of Its Proposal And Bid Platform For Builders

SandStorm, a leading metaverse builder community, is delighted to announce the release of its highly anticipated proposal and bid platform.

According to the SandStorm team, the new platform highlights builders based on Skills, Communication, Quality, Availability, Team Cooperation, and Deadlines. The platform operated in the virtual world allows brands to select contractors based on their portfolio of previous works. The platform can be analogized to building a dream home in the physical world. However, instead of hiring one local real estate development firm, the platform enables users to choose the best architect in Korea, the best electrician in Canada, and the best roofer in London.

Commenting on the project, SandStorm CEO Steve McGarry said:

“Physical location for work has become much less important for many of us over the last two years. At SandStorm, we believe the future of work will be primarily driven by an individual’s skills and their ability to work on a team within the metaverse. As we move into a more digital society, asset creation skills for multiple virtual worlds showcased on a SandStorm profile will level the playing field for finding work.”

SandStorm is a metaverse construction market that pairs brands with builders from top virtual worlds, including The Sandbox and Decentraland. The project takes a decentralized approach allowing brands to deploy assets and experiences on demand while at the same time aggregating the best builders. Builders can provide unparalleled quality and cost savings to brands revolutionary in the metaverse. The platform connects brands, full development studios, and individual brands. This, in turn, provides an innovative solution to how legacy brands like Panera, Walmart, and McDonald’s will enter the open metaverse.


Notably, SandStorm hopes to lower the barrier to entry for brands and has set the minimum budget to submit a proposal at $1000 for a small group of assets. Through the new platform, brands can now offer a proposal to create an experience in Decentraland, The Sandbox, and five different virtual words to be added in the coming days. Once the proposals are approved, they go live in front of over 2,000 verified builders. Individual builders and development studios worldwide then place bids using their SandStorm profile, allowing brands to select their desired team with the guidance of SandStorm.  

Once the building is completed, all involved builders receive a transaction NFT (TNFT) to their profiles, allowing builders to share their role in the project. This also promotes the brands to their followers. Note builders and brand partners review one another after the build is complete. 

SandStorm CBO Matt Saricicek added:

“This is only the tip of the iceberg; there are countless other intelligent and creative individuals all over the world who are unaware of web3 and who will eventually multiply the present community and experiences on web3 by a factor of a thousand. The work of these incredible artists excites us, and we are thrilled to be contributing to this movement.”

Since its launch, SandStorm has already become a hub for thousands of the world’s best metaverse builders to find work. Currently, SandStorm welcomes an average of 25 new builders daily and is expected to see massive growth of about 130 to 170 new builders per day by mid-2023.