Samurai Saga to Launch The ‘ONNA-BUGEISHA’ NFT Drop Ahead Of Its Play-to-Earn Game Debut

Samurai Saga to Launch The ‘ONNA-BUGEISHA’ NFT Drop Ahead Of Its Play-to-Earn Game Debut

NFT collection, Samurai Saga is ready to commence its long-awaited drop called ‘ONNA-BUGEISHA’ ahead of its “Play to earn” game launch. Between 16 and 18 March, there will be 6,666 ONNA-BUGEISHA available to mint in multiple phases.

Beyond just an NFT collection, Samurai Saga is a whole ecosystem built around three key components; Artwork, Staking & Gaming. It is a place where collectors can team up with other owners to battle against monsters with state-of-the-art Samurai characters.

ONNA-BUGEISHA will help to enhance the Samurai Saga ecosystem with every ONNA-BUGEISHA harvesting $GENKI tokens (native in-game currency) through Saga’s staking system. The more time they spend harvesting, the more tokens they will harvest. 

Apart from enhancing the ecosystem, each ONNA-BUGEISHA warrior is also a unique, playable character in the upcoming ‘Play-To-Earn’ game and they are a requirement to enter the game universe. 

Samurai Saga is set to launch a Web3 ‘Play-To-Earn’ gaming experience after the release of its first gameplay demo in April 2022. The multiplayer game inspired by warrior characters will reward collectors through rewards and tokens earned through multiple game modes and various honors whilst they battle.


NFT owners will be able to unlock new playable characters, unique attributes, and in-game skills they can use to earn even more rewards. As long as collectors fight, the new play-to-earn game will release weapons, exclusive avatars, and tools in addition to NFT earnings to enable them to win in Samurai Saga’s Open World.

With the help of talented artist Dino Tomic, Samurai Saga is set to provide only the best and most detailed artwork and will continue to deliver its unique art with every NFT produced. This will provide the best visual gaming experience for holders.

In addition to the NFT drops and game launch, Samurai Saga has many other features ranging from giveaways to marketing efforts that are meant to keep collectors engaged in its ever-evolving project. 

When can collectors mint?

The minting timetable for the NFT collection is as follows:

3/16 – 3 pm EST Genki Only Mint 

3/17 – 3 pm EST Samurai Holders Mint

3/17 – 6 pm EST Whitelist Mint

3/18 – 3 pm EST Public Mint

To participate in the public mint, users need to pre-register with their wallets. If they don’t have enough GENKI to mint, they can buy more on UNISSWAP. Minting will be done exclusively on the Samurai Saga website

Each NFT is worth 18,000 GENKi which is equivalent to 0.25 ETH and each user can have a maximum of 5 per wallet. For the whitelist and public sale, they can only have a maximum of 2 per wallet. More information can be obtained on the  Discord and Twitter channels.