Roobinium: A Recognised Virtuoso in The Crypto Art and Design World

Roobinium: A Recognised Virtuoso in The Crypto Art and Design World

A new era for the various tech trends is beginning to emerge and the world is starting to move into another dimension of more exciting, technical, complicated, and virtual generation. NFTs are undoubtedly core parts of these trends and they have increasingly gained popularity as they quantify valuables in the developing virtual world.

The emergence of these basic advancements and the new sense of value it has introduced to the world is fueled by the understanding that the value of a piece of digital art lies far beyond its conventionally exploited capacity. This concept was realized earlier by tech Visioneer Roobinium since the inception of cryptocurrencies.

Roobinium is a tech company with exclusive expertise in designing graphics and websites. The company is considered highly relevant in the crypto industry as it began raising crypto design projects since the iteration of cryptocurrencies and continued to dive deeper into the crypto space while initiating more crypto designs.

Roobinium Diverts From Web and Graphics to Crypto Design

Roobinium shifted from its traditional web and graphic design to crypto designs in 2017 after the company made a deal with a crypto mining company for a landing page design project. The project got the founder of Roobinium, Konstantin V. observing the unique potentials associated with the world of crypto where he considered a reasonable industry to venture into.

After the completion of the project which was Roobinium’s first crypto design, the company learned to speak in a forward-thinking visual language and decided not to turn back on its new venture. Thus, Roobinium began its journey into the cyberpunk NFT world.


In a bid to further develop the approach to crypto design, Konstantin and the Roobinium members made further research and derived inspirations from various concepts like free technologies of the future, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. Thus, they came up with the conclusion that the emerging era of man and machine is a form of unexplored creative potential energy that, when exploited, will yield an immense world of altered perceptions and significant values. It came to the team’s consciousness that crypto design will become a form of visual language that will dominate the future of cyber communication.

This forecast has basically come into realization as there are no doubts that visual representation of self and identity are currently taking full control of digital communication.

Roobinium Attains Milestones in the Crypto World

Roobinium has marked several milestones in its journey with cryptocurrencies so far and has become a prominent virtuoso in the world of crypto art and crypto design. At the time of writing, Roobinium has completed over 227 crypto-related projects since it embarked on the crypto journey in 2017. The company has reportedly worked with notable clients such as Infomatix and ​​Orionprotocol. The team claimed they are not relenting on initiating a forward-thinking crypto design and to further enhance the concept of crypto designs.