RoFx – Perfect Option for Novice Traders

RoFx - Perfect Option for Novice Traders

When it comes to foreign exchange trading, there is a massive buzz for Forex robots because of how competent and useful they are for traders, especially novice traders. One such robot, which has also made its way to the top forex expert advisors list, is RoFx which is developed by ingenious software developers and traders in order to provide newbies with real and helpful trading experience. With the use of this robot, novice traders feel comfortable in the trading business without any proper prior experience. But it is not just meant for the beginners, but for all, in order to gain control over trades anytime.

RoFx Features

There are many features available for the clients of this Forex robot that makes it unique and distinct from other robots and platforms. Its primary aim is to provide its users with full control of their trades at every second, minute and hour of the day.

  1. Trading Reports

Trading reports are one of the most significant features of the robot. The trading reports along with the transaction history page provide detailed information about tasks and operations carried out each day by the trading robot. Such detailed information keeps novice traders aware of how things are operating. It makes them feel in control due to information available from the report. Another advantage that traders get to enjoy comparing their reports to historical data sourced from other online Forex websites.

2) Profit Margin Calculator

To allow its clients the ability to easily figure out the expected ROI, the RoFx robot has formulated its very own profit margin calculator. Clients can compute the earnings and calculate the gains from trade by just entering the starting deposit amount in the calculator.


3) Trading System

The RoFx platform uses a stop-loss system which helps to diminish the client’s losses on unprofitable days. Moreover, the platform does not consent to trade with leverage to lessen the risks. The trading robot also provides guarantees, including the protection of funds and the use of the Reserve Fund to compensate users’ funds in case the robot incurs losses.

4) Package Benefits

RoFx offers its users a VIP PAMM package or the VIP Percent Allocation Money Management package which has a number of benefits. The benefits include total control over assets, direct transfer of funds and the ability to open an account with any preferred brokerage. It also allows the withdrawal of funds at any time. This is also available with no lock package.

5) Transparency

Many platforms and Forex robots currently lack transparency. With RoFx there are no hidden fees. There are no withdrawal fees as well.

6) Customer care support

Customers and clients have the right to seek help whenever they please which is why this feature proves to be of utmost benefit. RoFx trading platform offers its clients a very friendly and helpful customer care support that is made available for them at any time of the day or night.

Pros of RoFx that are ought to grab your attention:

  1. When you fund your bank account, the bank commission is paid the company.
  2. Their service is a full service, meaning all the work is carried out by them for you.
  3. It requires no downloads nor any setups. There is no complex process involved which would require training.
  4. A reserve fund is created by the company that assures loss coverage when trading days are unprofitable
  5. The initial deposit is guaranteed by the reserve fund so that customers do not lose their initial investment.
  6. It is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks which mean no human emotions or errors play a role.
  7. Bank commission is paid by the company in case you make a withdrawal when your package has expired.


In conclusion, RoFx robot is very safe and highly reliable. The technology is designed in a manner, that any individual who desires to earn money by foreign exchange trading (but lacks the experience) can trade easily.

Not only is the robot exceptional, but the company’s customer care is also very supportive and available to help all day long leaving you hardly any scope of struggle regarding trading or even the robot.