Riviera Beach To Pay $600,000 In Bitcoin As Ransom After A City-wide Network Attack

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Cyber attackers successfully launched an attack on a small city in Florida, Riviera Beach. Reports show that the city is paying the ransom demanded by these cyber attackers. It is uncertain at this point that the cyber attackers will honor their words and return control back to the city.

The city authorities have probably weighed different options and believed paying the said ransom would be much cheaper than finding alternative means to restore the city’s system back to normal.

Cause of the Attack

Reports disclose the cause of the attack to be a malicious email which was sent to the city’s police department. On opening, the cyber attackers were able to take control of the city system.

It is uncertain what the content of the mail was, but the mail must have contained malicious executable programs which run in the background, giving access to the attackers. Ever since the attackers have been in control of the police departments files, they were able to also gain control over the city’s email service.

Since, the cyber attackers have been in control, causing certain discomforts to the city’s operations.

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The attackers are thereby asking for a ransom of $600,000 paid in Bitcoin before giving back control to the city authorities.

Things Have Remained Unchanged Despite Attack

Despite all these, not much has changed to hinder the police department from carrying out their duties in the city.

The rest of the city as well are facing various challenges which they are able to find alternative means to.

Local reports confirm that the city is forced to pay their employees and contractors by cheque, in place of its normal routine of making direct deposits.

Riviera Beach Attack; One of Many

Shortly after the attack, the city council voted for the ransom to be paid. The city insurance provider will be covering the cost of the ramson.

The Riviera Beach attack is one of many launched, targetting small cities in the United States. Towards the beginning of last month, the city of Baltimore had experienced a similar attack. The attackers had taken over the city’s files and were demanding 13 bitcoins, a little over $76,000 as ransom before relinquishing access to the network.

Baltimore, however, did not give in to their demands, as this will be the second in just over a year that the city would be attacked.