RevoFi Introduces Revolutionary A.I Capabilities For Fast And Secure Deployment Of Services

RevoFi Introduces Revolutionary A.I Capabilities For Fast And Secure Deployment Of Services

RevoFi, a decentralized wireless cloud service network, is building the world’s first and largest distributed A.I computer.

RevoFi seeks to use this A.I computer to provide the GPU cloud platform with LLMs and other workloads that are A.I in-demand services. The team has integrated cutting-edge A.I. algorithms into its decentralized cloud services network, which enables users to quickly and securely deploy web services. Users benefit from advanced features like automatic load balancing and fault tolerance.

RevoFi has already taken the necessary steps towards delivering affordable and accessible solutions to its users. RevoFi’s A.I capabilities of the NVIDIA Jetson Nano have allowed it to become a pioneer for A.I large language model training and applications.

RevoFi envisions a world where its novel edge cloud infrastructure allows users to earn revenue from their device resources and WiFi through its Cipher Army NFT Device Staking. The new offering gives users access to the staking platform, among other benefits. Users purchase Cipher Army digital collectable trading cards (NFT), which allows them to earn Revos (RVS) and other tokens.

The team behind the project wants to offer its users a multi-phase approach to deploy daily while building for the decentralized future. To facilitate this, RevoFi devices provide a high-speed WiFi 6 mesh connectivity designed to connect anywhere around the globe where RevoFi is present automatically. Notably, these make the devices and network consistent, especially when onboarding crypto, NFTs and DeFi. 

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RevoFi provides three flexible business models: financing, payout (in users’ choice of currency) and revenue sharing. RevoFi devices and networks are quite affordable and offer users a 50% reduction in cloud costs and a 15-35% reduction in total bandwidth costs. As a result, users can enjoy affordable solutions from RevoFi’s cloud infrastructure.

While commenting on the project, Justin Caswell explained: 

“Revolutionizing the future of cloud computing, RevoFi’s advanced technology and unique business model bring accessibility and affordability to the masses. With a focus on A.I. capabilities and edge computing, RevoFi is leading the charge for decentralized cloud infrastructure.”

Since its launch, RevoFi has achieved significant milestones, including launching the salt stack mainnet for backend cloud microservices and computing device development for the initial deployment and technical trials. RevoFi also closed a 20k B2B deal for 2023 and 2024 and deployed blockchain protocols, microservices, and other high-demand workloads.

Currently, RevoFi is working to onboard Chainlink to enable users to earn LINK tokens on a RevoFi device. The team is also working on onboarding more A.I tools, applications, enterprise grated networking, and other features such as prplMesh for commercial WiFi offload.