RedPill Studio To Hold Private Funding Round For Its New Release TrainCraft

RedPill Studio To Hold Private Funding Round For Its New Release TrainCraft

RedPill, a blockchain development studio, is excited to announce a private funding round for their latest release, TrainCraft, a new game combining NFT and GameFi.

The RedPill team hopes to raise $2,940,000 in this initial funding round. TrainCraft follows RedPill’s successful launch of the in-development metaverse game Chimeras. Chimeras is a mobile NFT-based game that has gained support from industry-leading companies and top crypto funds. It is currently the grantee of the BNB Grant in the Metaverse category.

TrainCraft is a free-to-play mobile game set with an underground post-apocalyptic world design. The game set brings together elements from GameFi and NFT to provide users with the best from both worlds. When at the helm of the Digger Train, players punch their way through dangerous mines, collect valuable resources to upgrade their machines, and fight off the monsters that inhabit the depths. 

The game’s core gameplay and artwork seek to bring together all users, casual gamers, and the crypto community. According to the team behind the project, TrainCraft stands at an intersection with a huge potential to benefit from both the casual and traditional markets. The two markets are predicted to grow to $24.71 billion and $2.85 billion by 2028.

Powered by AAA GameFi Developers, TrainCraft was developed entirely in-house. The in-house team created this tier 1 product by combining talents from Game Development, art direction, blockchain, 3D NFT Generator, NFT marketplace, and Token Purchase System. The game offers an engaging casual gameplay loop with a unique setting to users. TrainCraft also has cross-chain support, user-generated NFTs, and a well-designed monetization model to attract users from the crypto community. 


TrainCraft is available on iOS and Android. The game has so far shown great stats in in-game retention and social outreach despite the fact it is still in its developmental stage.

Currently,  the team is negotiating with significant Blockchain funds to form strategic partnerships to ensure the project’s success. In addition, RedPill is launching an Ambassador Program that aims at assisting in building partnerships with top-tier VCs. 

After the private funding round, RedPill is scheduled to have a Public Release of TrainCraft in the  Second quarter of 2023.

Contact Details

Name: Juli

Investment Requests Telegram: @redpillbd

Marketing Requests Telegram: @TrainCraft_PR

Game Download Links: iOS | Android.

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