Redditor says Ethereum is highly undervalued and currently exhibits a compelling buying opportunity

Ethereum Price Watch: ETH Set Make A More Decisive Move In The Next Couple Of Days

One thing that is common in the crypto space is the difference in opinions on which cryptocurrency is the best. While most agree that Bitcoin (BTC) is the top cryptocurrency with the most potential, a Redditor, DCinvestor thinks otherwise. As far as he is concerned, Ethereum (ETH) is the future of cryptocurrency with the potential of becoming global money in addition to being a hub for the creation of ERC20 tokens.

He argues that although Bitcoin has more volume and liquidity now, the launch of Ethereum 2.0 will propel ETH to new highs as it starts to grow against BTC. Speaking on the gold and silver comparison between Bitcoin and ETH, he opined that Bitcoin is out to compete with gold which means it can be like gold at best and remain at that level but ETH is silver that will continue to grow in value both as money and as a platform for decentralized apps and tokens.

ETH is like a “silver” which will only continue to get better and more useful over time, while BTC is a digital gold which will remain relatively stagnant and will likely only have as much relevance as the commodity it now seeks to emulate. And Ethereum has one advantage Bitcoin will never have- diverse and trust-minimized / trust-less financial and non-financial use cases” he wrote.

DCinvestor does not believe the notion that only Bitcoin will succeed while other cryptocurrencies die because Bitcoin and ETH are the two crypto assets recognized by the SEC as non-securities. ETH, therefore, will not dissolve with other cryptocurrencies but could potentially out-perform Bitcoin as it “is a  massive sleeper at #2 with much room to grow, and many worlds changing potential still to come” despite its currently trading at just 12.5% of Bitcoin’s market cap. 

Ethereum indeed has been the only altcoin to keep a relatively steady pace with Bitcoin as it grows. This may get better as Ethereum 2.0 launches in Q1 of 2020, but will ETH out-perform Bitcoin as world’s best cryptocurrency?


Bitcoin is also gathering huge momentum for growth as new platforms like Bakkt come into the industry. It, therefore, remains to be seen which one becomes dominant.

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