REBGLO – An Ecological Approach Towards Cryptocurrency Mining

REBGLO - An Ecological Approach Towards Cryptocurrency Mining

Mining is an imperative aspect of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It is the process that identifies, validates, and adds actions into blocks that will further form a Blockchain.

Each miner within the mining process is offered the opportunity to solve the decrypted mathematical problem. The first participant who solves the problem obtains a place on the next block of the blockchain and receives rewarded in the form of cryptocurrency. The mining reward typically includes both transaction fees and the newly released cryptocurrency.

The Inefficiencies Associated with Crypto-Currency Mining

With the right resource and skills, users have a high probability of earning high profits through cryptocurrency mining. However, certain factors of the crypto-mining process influence its profitability.  These factors include:-

  • During the cryptocurrency mining process, there is a significant loss of valuable data. The hash rates are adversely impacted by ineffective data reading and reconstruction.


  • The superfluous consumption of electricity in one of the critical concerning areas of crypto-mining. Bitcoin mining alone is consuming approximately 20,000-gigawatt hours of electricity per year, that is 1% of the global electricity generation.

REBGLO Project- Extending Eco-Friendly Crypto-Mining Solution

The REBGLO Mining System offers effective solutions in order to optimize the cryptocurrency mining process, making it more profitable and safer for the environment. It extends software as well as a hardware solution, viz Data Transmission System and HETTARER.

Data Transmission System (DTS)

Data Transmission System is built to solve the issue with regards to the scalability of crypto-mining and subdue power consumption of the entire process. The efficiency of this software was tested, and the results revealed an increased mining process by 17.2% in hash/s.

Using the conventional process, miners have to read out and restructure the recorded data numerous unoccupied spaces on the disc, making it an arduous process.  DTS system in virtual cryptocurrency mining can help:-

  • Increase the  Computing Performance

It collects the relevant data for processing on the main memory and amalgamates it with instruction parallelization in the crypto-mining process, thereby notably optimizing the operation performance.

  • Ameliorating Mining Speed and Revenue

DTS system allows miners to obtain mining income at higher levels as compared to the combinations involving conventional mining software and mining computers.

HETTARER Technology

HETTARER is an electromagnetic sticker that gathers the elementary particles into a constitution state. These collected particles build a protective shield that combats the electromagnetic noise.

HETTARER sticker was first developed in Japan and harnessed conductive paper that collects charged particles from electric currents emanating from the device and air naturally. The heat produced from the device’s battery boost the capabilities of these particles that reduces the charging time and boost the battery life. Moreover, HETTARER stickers have an average lifespan of 90 days and available for smartphones and other battery-operated gadgets

HETTARER Stickers Assisting Crypto-Mining

HETTARER sticker is proven to lower the high frequency of electric devices by approximately 90%. The hack holds the potential to improve the process of crypto-mining when it is implemented on to crypto-mining rigs.

The test showed a 133% increase in Moero data mining within a period of 24-hours and a 114% increase in Monero mining rewards in 48-hours by multicurrency mining pool MinerGate. HETTARER sticker is available to purchase through

REBGLO Project – Reinventing Cryptocurrency Mining

REBGLO project works towards a vision to make crypto-mining environmental-friendly. Its vision is backed by the concept of ‘Reboot Globalization’ and ‘Reproduction and Globalization’. Further to accomplish its objective the team has developed hardware and software solutions that effectively solve the existing inefficiencies cryptocurrency mining and allows streamlined, safer, and effective mining experience.

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