Real Estate Platform MasRelic Launches New Relic Token on Ethereum

Real Estate Platform MasRelic Launches New Relic Token on Ethereum

Seven miles from one of the world’s seven blockchain centres, New York City, MasRelic, a small cap startup, has launched its new RELIC token on the Ethereum Blockchain via UniSwap. The native utility token for RELIC is used for the following purposes:

  • Farming Reflections for DeFi
  • Utilizing cryptocurrency tokens in the mortgage and rental industries
  • Ethereum Reflections
  • Synthetic Real Estate

Alex Luy, Founder of MasRelic, said: “There are numerous opportunities to start including Synthetic Real Estate and DeFi by using our platform. This bear market is going to catapult innovations and benefits projects like ours.”

The RELIC Token is a valid practical use case that has the potential to revolutionise the real estate landscape, and in just two weeks, it has amassed a 100K Market Cap.

RELIC has positioned itself as the underdog token in a world with cult-like coins and mooning tokens that have no use other than to gain 1000 per cent in a matter of hours. Since day one, RELIC has been open about its goal of providing a real-world solution and its expectation that expansion will be gradual but steady. The RELIC Token is dedicated to its community and will constantly put its holders’ interests first.

For more information on its synthetic real estate platform, visit

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