Ravendex On Course To Become Next Cardano Gem As It Kicks Off $Rave Token Pre-Sale

Ravendex Sells Out 60% Of Its Allotted Tokens, Set To Release MVP Before End Of 2021

Ravendex, a Cardano-based crypto project with a focus on creating an AMM protocol-powered decentralized exchange has announced the commencement of its $Rave token pre-sale.

Being a cryptocurrency startup, the pre-sale will see the token going live and made available for early investors. The team has allocated 100,000,000 RAVE for the token pre-sale. Thereafter, it would allow users to swap their ADA for Native Cardano Tokens in a non-custodial manner with extremely low rates while also providing them with the ability to conduct cross-border transactions quickly.

According to the announcement, the RAVE tokens will be purchased for ADA, thus 1 $RAVE will be sold for 0.0032 ADA during the pre-sale. Investors who seek to purchase RAVE tokens can transfer ADA to the presale address using any Cardano compatible wallet such as Yoroi Wallet, Daedalus Wallet, Adalite Wallet, and Nami Wallet.

The team explained the processes users should follow to purchase the tokens, saying;

  • Purchase ADA through a third party exchange (Binance, Coinbase, or Kraken) and transfer it to their  favourite Cardano wallet, such as Yoroi, Daedalus, or Adalite Note that you must not send ADA token to our presale address directly through an exchange. Also, remember to send from a wallet you have access to the private keys.
  • Go to the Token Sale Page and click Buy Rave Token, you will be directed immediately to the Rave Token Sale website, where you must send the ADA to the address made available.
  • The general rule is to avoid transferring your money from an exchange wallet because most electronic wallets will not have access to the most recent token. This means that if you join in our Token Sale using a random internet wallet from an exchange. 
  • Although, you will be able to deposit money to the pre-sale location but will be unable to get the tokens you purchased because you are using an exchange wallet. 
  • Each round of sales has a separate minimum and maximum amount that can be bought and all other details will be displayed on the sales page as well. 

Per the announcement, the protocol would be powered by the RAVE tokens, hence people who purchase some RAVE tokens will earn a chance to participate in the auction as an early investor.


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