Price Not Going Up After Halving: Roger Ver Throws Jab At BTC, Gets Floored By A Bitcoin Proponent

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The crypto world is becoming increasingly a free space where anyone can engage anyone else. The space is ever busy with interactions and debates, whether hot or moderated. That said, it’s not uncommon when a crypto big shot gets to spar and lose to an opposing fan on the crypto streets. Ask Craig Wright what he got from the hodlonaut.

A recent tweet by Roger Ver is now making him look a bit dejected after he got a “no-comeback” response from a Bitcoin supporter named “Bitcoin Cobra.” 

“BTC Won’t Go Up”

Apparently, Roger Ver decided to get on twitter and send out a rather hot tweet regarding the future of Bitcoin (BTC). Unabated, he went ahead to suggest that the upcoming Bitcoin halving event is likely to have no positive impact on the crypto price, an opinion that brought out his bearish sentiments towards Bitcoin. He went on to opine that unlike Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is set for a great future.

For one, Roger Ver is known as a strong supporter of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a crypto that retained its name after the BCH hard fork of November 2018 that brought about the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) crypto supported by the self-declared Satoshi, Craig Wright. Roger Ver’s tweet didn’t go unanswered. 

Repeat After Me,” Usage!” 

From the look of it, one Bitcoin (BTC) supporter didn’t like the fact that Roger chooses to talk more about price rather than Bitcoin’s impact in the business world. In other words, @CobraBitcoin wasn’t impressed that Roger was pegging Bitcoin’s future on price, so the user decided to post a response to volunteer a little information to Roger. 


In a reply, the user pointed out that crypto prices don’t really matter, but rather their use cases. As such, Bitcoin has numerous use cases, while no one is currently interested in using Bitcoin Cash.