PrepayWay Swiss-based Fintech Firm Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

PrepayWay Swiss-based Fintech Firm Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

PrepayWay AG, a Swiss-based firm has announced the launch of its equity crowdfunding campaign, opening new opportunities for international crowdfunding.

The PrepayWay equity crowdfunding campaign is open contributors from various parts of the globe, and interested invested can become a part of the Swiss-Estonian firm with cryptos.

Crypto backers will grace the self-hosted campaign and traditional crowdfunding contributors, and all supporters will gain the equity of InBit, a fintech company that will be listing own token.

PrepayWay Technology

PrepayWay is creating an innovative technology aimed at fostering secure and risk-free transactions among new and unfamiliar business partners.

PrepayWay is also poised to mitigate the flaws of existing paper-based transaction processes with smart contracts powered solutions that promote the instant signing of contracts among participants in the supply chain.


PrepayWay plans to replace old and inefficient contracting systems with an integrated money transfer service and risk management service integrated into contracts.

Lengthy and tiring litigation will be replaced by a cost-efficient and smart arbitration processes for dispute resolution.

The PrepayWay Advantage

PrepayWay provides an all in one solution that combines the services of lawyers, banks, escrow agents, and arbitral institutions and offers a robust solution for international contracting, financing, payments, and dispute resolution, in the same way, smartphones have revolutionized the way people communicate and interact.

Crowdfunding Details

The PrepayWay equity crowdfunding event is live now, and the firm has set a Hard Cap of EUR 2 450 000. The funds will be used to develop solutions for international trade and real estate.

An international crowdlending platform will also be created.

Contributors will gain equity in PrepayWay Systems Estonia OU, a subsidiary of PrepayWay AG Holdings. The entire roadmap can be found on the official website of the firm.

About PrepayWay

The initiative was born in crypto-friendly Switzerland, where IT, finance, international business, and legal professionals came together to transform business processes.

The PrepayWay team is determined to build an ecosystem that fosters secure, fast and transparent business transactions, in a cost-efficient way.