Position Exchange Strives to Become ‘Most Complete Decentralized Crypto Platform’

Position Exchange Strives to Become 'Most Complete Decentralized Crypto Platform'

Position Exchange, a decentralized trading protocol that is based on the BNB Chain to provide an avenue for traders, liquidity providers, and developers to participate in the market is making efforts to build an entire ecosystem in DeFi with unrelenting plans to become the most complete Decentralized Crypto Platform.

With the understanding that decentralized exchanges have gained massive traction over the recent years as they have proven to be advantageous over the challenges induced by centralized exchanges, Position Exchange is seeking to further discourage the concept of centralization while pushing the concept of decentralization to its limits.

War Against Centralization

According to Position Exchange, a number of cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized and they follow a business model that is similar to traditional financial institutions. Thus, these centralized exchanges have long been controlling the crypto game to date as there is a massive exodus of crypto users from these exchanges.

This does not seem pleasing to the crypto industry as centralized Exchanges come with many shortcomings which include long and often boring KYCs when trying to register, high transaction fees, funds custody, and unpredictability. Moreso, Centralized Exchanges possess high regulatory burdens and they can easily be terminated or freeze users’ accounts as they operate with certain governmental regulations.

Position Exchange believes that trading Crypto assets that cryptographically secure transactions, which are built using blockchain technology on a “Centralized Exchange” does not fulfill the virtue of what Crypto is meant for in any way. As such, the platform has been designed to deliver the final blow to Centralized Exchanges and lead the way for crypto into full decentralization.


In its unique design, Position Exchange exclusively features a Community-driven decentralized derivatives trading protocol, On-Chain Swap, and a full ecosystem that provides a wide range of DeFi products available for all kinds of users, from Passive income generation, Swap, and Investing to NFTs and Trading.