Pomerdoge Sees DOGE Whales Accumulate Presale Tokens and Market Pepe (PEPE)

Pomerdoge Sees DOGE Whales Buy Presale Tokens and Sell Pepe (PEPE)

The Pomerdoge game will launch in Q4 of 2023 with a collection of 7,777 NFTs released in August. Meanwhile, Dogecoin whales are picking up on the opportunity and accumulating Pomerdoge presale tokens while unloading PEPE coins. What is going on?

What is Pomerdoge?

Pomerdoge is a fully audited P2E game that will offer gamers around the globe a way to get paid for playing the Pomergame. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, POMD, the native token and in-game currency, will be issued as an ERC-20 token.

With Pomerdoge’s token and meme coin, players will be able to buy and trade at the Pomerdoge marketplace. This is called the Pomerplace, which also hosts the battle arena. The coming NFT collection of 7,777 NFTs will be released in August, but only Pomerdoge holders can buy these NFTs.

A look at the Pomerdoge roadmap reveals the next important moves of the project, including when influencer marketing starts, how the project manages the development process, and also user education. Major milestones like the coin launch on Uniswap, the introduction of staking, and major CEX listings will follow this.

In the recently started presale, Pomerdoge’s token is available for purchase at $0.007, a very attractive opportunity for early holders – as the actions of Dogecoin whales confirm.


Dogecoin Whales Turn from PEPE to Pomerdoge

As Pepe and Dogecoin show bearish price momentum, whales are looking for better options.

With the downward momentum, PEPE is on the way to the next major support level at $0.000001, and Pepe’s daily trading volume has dropped to just over $90 million, showing a 10x decline. Additionally, Dogecoin is trapped in a consolidation range, holding the minor support level at $0.065.

Dogecoin holders have quickly become very fond of the tokenomics that Pomerdoge brings to the table, and Dogecoin whales have started accumulating presale tokens of the Pomerdoge project while PEPE sees a massive sell-off.

This rapid growth potential of POMD, paired with the enormous demand of 3 billion gamers around the globe, caught the attention of high-profile crypto influencers and solidified Pomerdoge as a potential game-changer in the P2E industry.

Anonymous whales are selling a staggering amount of PEPE and acquiring Pomerdoge instead in the expectation of high volatility. They expect to see significant gains from Pomerdoge.

At the time of writing, Pomerdoge’s native token is available for purchase in the presale for only $0.007. Furthermore, if the token can hold the momentum, it is on the way to dethroning Dogecoin and might kill PEPE coin for good.

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