PolkaTrail Debuts On BitMart Exchange – Brings DeFi and NFT Tech Into The Travel Experience

PolkaTrail Debuts On BitMart Exchange - Bringing DeFi and NFT Tech Into The Travel Experience

PolkaTrail (TRAIL) will launch its listing on the top-tier cryptocurrency trading platform, BitMart, on July 7, 2021. All BitMart users will be able to officially access and trade the TRAIL/USDT pair as of 4.00 AM EDT. To mark this milestone, the trading platform is giving away prizes worth a total of 666,666 TRAIL. This will be done through Social Media Airdrops, Trading Competition Events, and also Buy & Earn.

PolkaTrail, a decentralized application (DApp) powered by Polkadot, brings blockchain innovation technology into the travel experience industry. The DApp allows anyone to list accommodation, tours, and other city travel experiences. In this way, it does away with intermediaries or tech companies that provide such information at the expense of owners and customers. PolkaTrail’s decentralized nature brings the benefit of a commission-less platform, thereby resolving the challenge of high fees.

Additionally, PolkaTrail users will enjoy other DeFi benefits such as staking, loaning, fractionalized ownership, and reputation, all of which are essential in the post-COVID in-city travel industry. The fractionalized real estate ownership, in particular, reduces the barriers to entry into the rental property business. Furthermore, PolkaTrail’s NFT component lets users make their experiences not only memorable but also pleasurable and lucrative.

PolkaTrail token, the DApp’s governance token, makes the platform DAO-centric and community-driven. Token holders can, therefore, take part in the decision-making to improve the PolkaTrail platform. The token is also the main asset for performing transactions on PolkaTrail. Blockchain technology ensures all transactions are 100% transparent. More of the token’s utility is in booking accommodations or farming NFTs.

Various innovative steps have been taken to make PolkaTrail more user-friendly. The first is synthetic rental coins for owning or trading. Curved-price based on demand with the opportunity to earn from profits alongside owners. Henceforth, listed properties will get well-matched allies in the form of ecoin holders.


The second is that PolkaTrail also becomes a loan platform for property owners. Loaners can safely lend out funds to property owners whose properties are promising based on data from synthetics staking and reputation. This empowers property owners by increasing their experience so that they can provide faster and increasing customer satisfaction.

The third is its travel-inspired NFT Marketplace for buying and selling travel-inspired art sorted according to Cities. Finally, users get to earn rare NFTs through a gamified layer for staking and renting. These increase sticky marketing and advertising and word-of-mouth marketing.