Plutuswap Poised To Become The Next Gen-Dex On The Cardano Ecosystem

Plutuswap Poised To Become The Next Gen-Dex On The Cardano Ecosystem

The Cardano network is set to see a big step forward as it prepares to update its blockchain through the proposed alonzo hard fork which will enable smart contract functionality.

When wholly deployed, the Cardano Blockchain will be able to support systematic codes to construct and deploy “smart contracts,” that enable developers to build Dapps and existing projects to move their decentralized applications to the Cardano Blockchain.

Smart contracts are machine algorithms that execute operations when preset terms are fulfilled, this will allow users to create new native tokens and further enhance the utility of the token created on the Cardano Ecosystem.

PlutuSwap thus provides custom-built De-Fi solutions on the Cardano chain in a trustworthy and decentralized manner. When fully initiated will enable decentralized trading using the EAMM technology as its core, basing it on the UTXO mechanism of the Cardano Blockchain infrastructure.


Instead of matching the buying and selling sides that is peculiar with centralized exchanges, automated Market Markers (AMM) use a P2P (peer-to-pool) method to determine the asset price algorithmically using a so-called conservation function utilizing the UTXO mechanism highlighted above. The clear benefits of AMMs over centralized exchanges can be seen in decentralization, automation, and continuous liquidity provision.

Plutuswap is prepared to set the bar in terms of usability, UI/UX friendliness as they are combining simplicity and reliability in one package on the Cardano De-Fi Ecosystem which will birth an efficient product that will help traders and liquidity distributors create flawless and mellow trading perspectives while maintaining high levels of security.

Plutuswap Ecosystem will be powered by $Plutu, the platform’s native utility token, which has an actual Fixed total supply of 100 Million.

The Plutuswap ecosystem will feature stake pools, liquidity availability and a cross-chain trade protocol.

Users can trade their tokens, offer liquidity, and receive a share of the liquidity pool fees.

The Innovative Token Launch Process on Plutuswap will provide a novel and unique mechanism for tokens to be deployed on the Cardano blockchain so that anybody can build their tokens on the Cardano network and then initiate an automated liquidity pool to facilitate trading on the token right away.

Cross Chain Trading in the PlutuSwap network will increase the $Plutu Token’s aggregation capability and cross swap availability.

Cross-chain trading means swapping your intrinsic Native Cardano Tokens for a non-native one without the need for a middleman and to handle both or more kinds of Token via intelligent contracts, ERC-20 and BEP-20 Project Owners and developers can easily bridge their tokens to the Cardano blockchain using our token bridge contracts.

Two separate chains connect using Cross-Chain Trading to swap tokens automatically if specific criteria are satisfied.

It will create a fair and borderless trade network that will be available by the end of the fourth quarter of 2022 on the Plutuswap ecosystem.

Initial Stake Offering & Pre-sale for Early Adopters is ongoing as this is an opportunity to be one of the first holders of $PLUTU tokens.

Want to become a $PLUTU token holder? It is possible to join the ISO, more details available on the website

Future Updates will also be implemented as the cardano ecosystem evolves and develops.

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