Pledged Capital Continues Token Sale on P2PB2B Exchange

Pledged Capital Continues Token Sale on P2PB2B Exchange

The official Pledged Capital token sale session is now live on the P2PB2B exchange.

Until August 2nd, investors can purchase the Pledged Capital $GAIN token and become a part of the community. Following the token sale, a listing on P2PB2B will occur.

Here is an explanation of the project in the meantime.

What is Pledged Capital?

A decentralized platform for fundraising called Pledged Capital combines traditional crowdfunding with web3 and blockchain technology to give investors and venture capitalists (VCs) transparency and control over financing decisions.

Through their innovative milestone-based payout mechanism, the team aims to strengthen the security of investments in both the traditional and cryptocurrency markets. This system ensures project accountability and safer investments for investors and venture capitalists by releasing agreed-upon payouts when milestones are reached.


What makes the project unique?

The project has the goal of delivering a safer investment space in both the cryptocurrency and traditional spaces. This is made possible as investors have governance over overall funding decisions. There is a smart contract linked to milestone-based payouts, on a DeFi protocol. Should a project not meet an agreed milestone, investors can flag this and then vote to give additional time or to pull the plug on a project. If you ask investors in the crypto space if they have ever been refunded from a project that failed to meet deliverables, the answer is no. Now, with Pledged Capital if the community believes a milestone has not been met, funding is stopped and litigation is triggered.  This provides much-needed accountability for projects, something that was never there. Projects received 100% of the funding upfront, and therefore had nothing to hold them accountable.

Additionally, the unique behavioral oracle technology that the Pledged Capital project utilizes allows for a fair and real allocation system for investors and buyers, based on their behavioral investor score achieved through how they act, invest, stake, accumulate and interact with others both on- and off-chain.  The more an investor does, the greater their allocation will be.

What solution does the project provide?

The team from Pledged Capital has a goal, to clean the industry from fraudsters and scammers. Our project is built on a foundation of transparency from both investors and projects. 

The solution Pledged Capital is providing will include the following: 

  • Provide an all-inclusive investment platform delivering robust access, transparency and security to investors.
  • Provide funding, support, and accountability to start-ups, entrepreneurs, and project creators.
  • Bring trust to the global investment market (both cryptocurrency and traditional investment spaces).
  • Ensure the crypto space becomes a safer investment hub for all.
  • The provision of achieved milestone-based funding, secured on the blockchain, will become a non-negotiable standard in safe cryptocurrency investment.
  • A combination of the best of blockchain and DeFi technology.
  • A user-friendly platform where investors can support their favorite start-up projects with safety, security, and peace of mind.

In addition, Pledged Capital is making use of utility NFTs through its Access Card and Redeemable NFT mechanics. These NFTs allow the holders to participate in exclusive deals or that act as proof of participation. The Redeemable NFT provides a solution to the dumping of tokens and crashing the price. Pledged Capital utility NFT offers a way to control the distribution of tokens through NFT, that allows bigger investors to move their allocation without impacting the token growth.

The Pledged Capital platform will be a truly decentralized fundraising platform utilizing web3, the blockchain technology that will give investors and VCs true transparency and governance over funding decisions on projects together with additional accountability from start-ups and projects.

Summary of the project benefits:

For investors:

  1. Investors receive an allocation directly based on their actions in the form of an investor score and reputation (through the behavioral oracle technology);
  2. Smart contracts hold the funds and release them when milestones are achieved;
  3. During the waiting period, money goes into stablecoin yield-farming protocols, delivering additional returns;
  4. Investor governance pools allow for voting on funding and decisions related to governance and projects;
  5. NFT access badges give you early access to information and projects;
  6. Access to exclusive tiered-chat rooms for project information.

For startups

  1. Your project is showcased to serious investors and VCs;
  2. Using the mile-stone-based payout system shows accountability and builds trust;
  3. Assistance from the Pledged Capital team to establish realistic, achievable milestones;
  4. NFT access badges provide access to investors and projects to partner with;
  5. An audience-identified chat room in the dApp;
  6. A better understanding of the communities needs allows for phased-in utilities.

Discover more information on the project and you could win:

Discover more about the Pledged Capital project and stand the chance to win your share of $3000 worth of GAIN tokens as well as 1 of 250 NFTs:

If the above sounds like a project you would like to invest in, join the Pledged Capital $GAIN token sale now and become part of this amazing community revolutionizing the crypto community! Also, don’t forget to follow Pledged Capital on social media: