Plan your retirement with ROSA, the hottest DeFi app for Crypto Pension Funds

Plan your retirement with ROSA, the hottest DeFi app for Crypto Pension Funds

ROSA reinvents the concept of cryptocurrency pension funds through a unique DeFi approach that will allow users to govern their retirement funds better and more profitably.

Therefore, the absurdity of not accessing your funds or obtaining transparent information regarding your retirement funds disappears.

The goal is to create a unique decentralized finance package that makes use of different layers of technology. This package will grant a complete pension solution for those familiar with pension funds, people with non-standard earnings, and anyone else who is ready to diversify their revenue sources in the coming years.

Understanding ROSA

ROSA is a next-generation cryptocurrency retirement fund that’s exploiting Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to build an all-in-one decentralized solution for pension, savings, and loans while providing significant yields.

Yes, users can regularly deposit cryptocurrency funds within the dapp, select a designated plan optin and earn additional returns. And because of the miracle of blockchain, the user is self-custodian to his funds and has 24/7 access to his savings. Anyone can look up transactions on the open-sourced blockchain or check the smart contract protocol. Thus, users may never go through the tragic situation of finding out the retirement fund just disappeared with all their savings.


Additionally, the multiple saving plans are guaranteed with major cryptocurrencies through a chain hedging mechanism so ROSA can assure liquidity long term. And furthermore, users have zero exposure to the potential dilution of shares as the protocol is predefined and unchangeable.

Under no circumstance should you see fewer tokens within your savings account because of various market conditions, as it would happen with the average ETF.

But to ensure your assets are retaining and increasing their value in time, they are invested constantly across a decentralized portfolio using risk management concepts such as diversification and asset-liability matching. Additionally, ROSA offers staked tokens as low-interest cryptocurrency-backed loans. This way, even if the borrowers default on their loan, stakers’ profitability wouldn’t be affected.

Getting Started with ROSA

It’s easier to start saving with ROSA. Thanks to the ROSA Bridge, users can choose between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to advance and earn from their crypto funds on whichever blockchain, with no wallet switch necessary.

With this DeFi solution, ROSA aims to bring the power over their funds back to the customers. And to reinforce the idea, if you happen to use ROSA and do not like it, you always have the ability to transfer holdings without fees across chains.

Find out more about ROSA FINANCE and make the best decision for your financial future.