Pink Moon Studios Marks Monumental Leap With Launch Of The KMON Trading Card Game

Pink Moon Studios Marks Monumental Leap With Launch Of The KMON Trading Card Game

The introduction of the KMON Trading Card Game, an announcement made by Pink Moon Studios, a cutting-edge creator of the Web3 gaming landscape, is expected to thrill fans.

With this innovative project, the allure of well-known classics like Pokémon and Yugioh is elevated into the Web3 sphere, successfully fusing traditional gaming with the revolutionary potentials of blockchain technology.

Umberto Canessa Cerchi, CEO of Pink Moon Studios, recently made the following statement that perfectly captures the team’s zeal:

“The launch of the KMON Trading Card Game marks a monumental leap for our brand. This project represents a harmonious fusion of our cherished childhood memories with the exciting advancements of blockchain technology.”


The game’s emphasis on participation in the community is one of its distinguishing elements. Through the creative KMON Beauty Contest, Pink Moon Studios is democratizing the process of choosing the featured Kryptomons as opposed to leaving it up to an internal committee.


Community members can suggest that their Kryptomons be added to the card game through this competition. Members are encouraged to use the hashtags #KMONCardGame and #KMON, along with the handles @KryptomonTeam, to share their Kryptomon entries on Twitter to participate. The top 56 Kryptomons, seven from each element that will decorate the first test run of the KMON Game Cards, will be chosen based on the engagement each entry attracted. This ground-breaking strategy confirms Pink Moon Studios’ dedication to building a sense of ownership among players and a more involved gaming experience.

Enhancing Gameplay: The Future Roadmap

Pink Moon Studios is investigating numerous mechanics that would improve the KMON Trading Card Game while it is being developed. The introduction of legendary cards, which may be exchanged for in-game items or an NFT, is one of these exciting prospects. This will provide players a fascinating new level of strategy and reward.

Pink Moon Studios is assiduously developing a fair and long-lasting revenue-sharing mechanism simultaneously. By making sure that the rewards from the card game are distributed fairly, this approach seeks to reward the community. Pink Moon Studios is devoted to supporting the ideals of justice and inclusivity and is constantly looking for ways to improve the gaming industry and make it more just and equal.

Being a pioneer in the Web3 gaming revolution

Pink Moon Studios, which was first established as Kryptomon in 2021, has swiftly become a leader in the Web3 gaming industry. By skillfully utilizing blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and augmented reality (AR), they influence the game business’s future. The cutting-edge services provided by Pink Moon Studios, such as the Diamond Contract, NFT Forging, Phygital NFTs, and the AR NFT Hunt, are evidence of their unwavering dedication to establishing immersive, captivating, and cutting-edge gaming experiences that go beyond the limitations of conventional gaming.

In order to improve its products, Pink Moon Studios, a steadfast innovator, continually examines and incorporates cutting-edge technologies. Together with their dedication to developing strong community ties, this strategy has cemented Pink Moon Studios’ place as industry trailblazers.