Pink Moon Studios Launch Free To Play Mode For Its Game KMON Genesis

Pink Moon Studios Launch Free To Play Mode For Its Game KMON Genesis

Pink Moon Studios introduced the eagerly awaited free-to-play mode for its renowned strategic game KMON Genesis.

Formerly known as Kryptomon, KMON Genesis was rebranded to lower the barrier of entry to one of the most popular Web3 games in the market. The game allows gamers to collect, breed and trade unique creatures in the KMON universe. These creatures are called Kyptomons, digital collectible pets built on the BSC blockchain. Players act as trainers for these digital pets. Trainers are responsible for breeding and training their pets to create new Kryptomons.

Each Kryptomon has a unique genetic code comprising 38 different and randomized parameters. The parameters determine other traits of the pets, from visual appearance to prowess in combat. Like a natural pet, Kryptomons require attention, and failure to provide this will make them “freeze” (simulated death). In the unfortunate event a pet gets frozen, trainers can unfreeze them (simulated revival) using special items available on Pink Moon’s marketplace, which can be bought using KMON tokens, the native tokens on the platform.

Trainers can also train their pets to prepare them for battle against others in the gameplay. Notably, Pink  Moon Studios shares revenue from KMON Genesis with players weekly. This is done through monetary rewards of an average of $50 in tokens when a player completes in-game challenges. 

Commenting on the development, Umberto Canessa Cerchi, Founder & CEO of Pink Moon Studios, stated:


“Our core mission has always been to make the enthralling KMON Genesis universe accessible to everyone. The introduction of the free-to-play mode is a game-changer, inviting players from all backgrounds to experience the innovative and exciting world we’ve developed without any financial barriers or web3-related technological hurdles.”

Founded in 2021, the Pink Moon Studio was created by a group of experienced gamers and industry veterans who came together to bridge Web2 and Web3 games for a more enhanced player experience. The team behind the project has incorporated the Guild Affiliation Program to sustain the gaming guild while offering access to exciting games and allowing players to earn financial rewards. In addition, their gaming space has a Diamond contract solution that keeps gameplay fresh and exciting for users. Other features include on-chain AI, NFT forgoing, phygital items, and AR NFT Hunt. 

Chief Product Officer and SVP of Game Development at Pink Moon Studios, Brian Bento, added:

“We are eager to offer players a sneak peek into the mesmerizing digital realm of the World of Kogaea. Our dedicated team has poured countless hours into crafting a visually spectacular and engaging experience that players will find truly captivating.”