Pillar Wallet Introduces its Mobile Wallet to Enable Users Their Tokens Better

Pillar Wallet Introduces its Mobile Wallet to Enable Users Their Tokens Better

Pillar Project, a revolutionary decentralized blockchain project has launched a mobile wallet to enable users to manage their cryptocurrencies and tokens more efficiently.

With this release of its mobile wallet, Pillar is presently evolving to include services for personal data storage and management and also providing users with full accessibility to how their private information is shared.

Currently, such platforms act as a custodian of your personal information, storing it on centralized servers.

The misuse of most private user details by online platforms is being questioned and scrutinized by lawmakers and the populace at large.

The taking of data by companies like Facebook and Google puts user security at risk and communities in danger.


It’s noteworthy that Pillar uses this platform to protect users’ rights to secure data management.

Pillar Wallet Introduces its Mobile Wallet to Enable Users Their Tokens Better

Its wallet gives users complete control over private keys and digital assets.

The Pillar Wallet enables users to store all their ERC721 non-fungible tokens, such as their favorite Crypto Kitties or gaming assets.

The following features are first introduced by Pillar, as thus:

  •    Customized usernames: Users can create a nickname linked to their blockchain address to make accessibility and trading simplified.
  •    Private chat: Here, users have a 100% encrypted in-app messenger service that can be used for interaction and proper communication on the platform.
  •    24/7 support: Pillar offers a dedicated and supportive customer service team available for all users 24/7 within the app and typically respond within five minutes.
  •    Address book: To avoid costly errors, users build their address book with new contacts without manually inputting the recipients’ details each time they wish to transact.

This level of user-friendly intuitiveness is a step in Pillar’s effort to make blockchain solutions ready for mass adoption, with crypto and asset management as the first use case for the platform’s infrastructure and the project’s greater vision.

The Pillar Wallet is changing into a personalized and blockchain-based operating system, powered by a user’s identity and data.

Pillar will soon offer smart contract-based wallet accounts, enabling funds to be stored in a contract while the private keys live on a separate device.

David Siegel, CEO of Pillar Project, opined that:

“Pillar Project’s long term goal is to create a digital assistant and data locker that secures and manages your life from within an open-source platform that is accessible from any device.”

He further reiterated that:

“We aim to evolve, innovate, motivate, and instill a sense of freedom and control amongst our growing community, as we begin our adventure with a wallet that empowers users through decentralized technology, helping them step into the future.”

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pillarwallet

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pillarproject/

Medium: https://medium.com/pillarproject

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pillarproject/