Pax Gold named best on-chain solution for precious metals and Avorak AI for machine learning software

Pax Gold named best on-chain solution for precious metals and Avorak AI for machine learning software

With more people looking to earn yields from cryptocurrency after the collapse of several banks in the US, many analyses of projects and their potential for returns have been popping up. Recently, Pax Gold was named the best on-chain solution for precious metals and Avorak AI for machine learning software.

What is Pax Gold?

Pax Gold is a cryptocurrency that represents physical reserves of gold. Each Pax Gold (PAXG) token is linked to one troy ounce of a Good Delivery gold bar. PAXG is an ERC-20 token compatible with Ethereum wallets and can be traded on various crypto exchanges. Pax Gold offers investors the advantage of storing, securing, and using gold through the blockchain at a comparatively lower price. Pax Gold also offers the opportunity for fractional ownership, making it accessible for retail investors who cannot afford to invest in entire bars of gold.

The price of Pax Gold is pegged to the spot price of gold accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Investing in Pax Gold provides exposure to gold without the logistical and security concerns associated with owning physical gold. Pax Gold (PAXG) can also be used on dApps and DeFi platforms. Moreover, Pax Gold does not involve the storage or custodial fees, making it more manageable. Owning Pax Gold is thus a convenient way to invest in gold and crypto.

Is Pax Gold safe?

The Paxos Trust Company is responsible for the custody of the gold reserves that back Pax Gold. The company undergoes monthly audits by third-party auditing firms to ensure its gold reserves match the number of tokens issued, in addition to regular smart contract audits that ensure the network has no vulnerabilities. Consumer and company assets are kept separately, ensuring that user assets are secure even if the company declares bankruptcy.

What is Avorak AI?

Avorak AI is a new platform that uses blockchain and AI technologies, such as Machine Learning (ML), to provide users with the tools they need to succeed. It offers products such as Avorak Chat, Avorak Trade, Avorak Create, and Avorak Write. The AVRK token will be used to access the ecosystem and these AI services.


Avorak Chat is an AI chatbot like ChatGPT, which can be used for various purposes. Avorak Create and Avorak Write can be used to streamline content creation. The Avorak Trade bot is the first AI trading bot of its kind to offer a fully customizable algorithmic trading system. With its AI-powered indicators and Machine learning algorithms, Avorak Trade can learn from user preferences, strategies, and overall market movements to provide an automated trading system that can benefit in any market.

Avorak’s use of machine learning (ML) and other AI mechanisms can benefit its users. In addition to offering access to its AI solutions, Avorak offers unlimited use cases for the AVRK token. Holders can benefit from staking and incentivized liquidity provision through crypto exchanges such as Azbit.

The AI crypto is currently in its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) phase, offering a chance to get AVRK discounted rates and token bonuses. Additionally, infusers in its ICO get first-hand experience training AVA, the interactive AI that will encompass all Avorak solutions. AVRK sells at $0.145, with holders getting an 8% token bonus.

Avorak AI has demonstrated its commitment to transparency and security by using the blockchain to offer its AI services. In addition, AVA’s capabilities, such as deep learning and ML, allow it to note potential problems in the Avorak ecosystem before they occur, guaranteeing the security of AVRK users’ valuable resources. The platform also successfully conducted an audit of its smart contracts with a third-party auditing platform known as CyberScope.

Avorak AI is undoubtedly the best Machine Learning (ML) solution on the blockchain. It provides an unmatched level of security for users. Furthermore, its capabilities ensure that customers get up-to-date AI solutions per their specific requirements.

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