Passive Income Opportunities for True Crypto Hustlers

Passive Income Opportunities for True Crypto Hustlers

Creating a passive income stream has never been easier, thanks to the internet. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as you’ll often see in ads — passive income requires researching or even learning a skill to minimize the chances of your income running dry.

Suppose you have some money that you want to invest. In that case, you need to carefully investigate all the options and settle for the most attractive one that will provide the highest revenue per hour with as little of your involvement as possible.

As it turns out, most passive income opportunities are related to cryptocurrencies nowadays. Therefore, let’s check them out and see how they can bring you money.

Investing in Crypto

The most famous example of creating passive income is investing in cryptocurrencies. This is a high-risk/high-reward opportunity, as the crypto market is highly volatile. You could invest thousands of dollars one day and see the prices plunging the next. Investing in crypto is carefully planning the entire operation, reading the news, and knowing when to buy and sell. If you play your cards right, you could create a quick profit.

Passive income isn’t applicable if you have to work for it. However, investing in crypto long-term could be considered passive income if you decide to “hodl” your crypto assets and wait for their price to go up over the years. But even if you trade crypto daily, you won’t have as much work to do once you become a skilful investor.


Just don’t forget that there’s always a gambling factor when it comes to crypto trading of any form.

Lending Crypto

The FinTech sector has become very active lately, with many projects aiming at crypto lending and borrowing. It means you can borrow crypto if you need it urgently and then pay it off later, just like taking credit in a bank, but with much less paperwork.

Those aiming to profit will be on the other side — the lending side. As a lender, you’ll receive interest determined explicitly by the platform you use to lend your money. In the long run, this is an excellent opportunity to create a passive revenue stream without actually having to do anything.

Of course, the downside of crypto lending is that it’s still relatively new and, in most cases, not regulated by many governments worldwide. You don’t want to lend crypto without some sort of insurance that you’ll get your money plus your profit. Even if the lending platform features a perfect algorithm, there’s still a slight risk of losing your funds if you’re not legally backed.

Mining Crypto

Crypto mining comes in different shapes and forms. The standard option includes buying a powerful mining rig and mining BTC and other popular cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, this has become costly nowadays, so people opt for alternatives, such as mining pools and cloud mining.

The good news is that you can also run a small mining farm on your own, giving you more freedom with your mining. You can create one on your own or buy a pre-made piece of hardware, such as the MP1 mini supercomputer. At the moment, tomi is developing these MP1 computers, which will be able to join into small mining clusters and help avoid the centralization of crypto mining into big mining farms. Moreover, these tiny computers can also help you offer cloud services, as they can do many tasks, including photorealistic rendering, complex simulations, AI-augmented applications, and more.   

Final Thoughts

Passive income sounds like a difficult thing to achieve. Don’t get it wrong — it’s not easy, but it has never been easier thanks to the internet and blockchain. Simply put, the crypto world made money flow much faster and more convenient and opened many new opportunities for making a passive income.

It’s up to you to carefully consider the risks and benefits each crypto option brings to the table and pick the one that you think fits you the most. In most cases, it’s possible to create long-term passive income, but it’s crucial to understand how the entire industry operates before that.